Peptides Skincare

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Peptides give you that post-facial plush, plump and pillowy complexion but in the comfort of your home. Acting like tiny messengers that communicate with your skin cells, they help kick-start collagen production and improve skin elasticity – hello, firmer skin!

Peptides are designed to replenish amino acids, which are the foundations of collagen. And because peptides are such tiny particles – compared to topical collagen – they absorb into your skin much easier too.

Whether you're struggling with uneven skin texture or want to firm fine lines, peptides are a sure-fire way to reignite your skin's youth. You'll often see multiple peptides in one formula to maximise its smoothing benefits, such asThe Ordinary Multi-Peptide or Medik8's Liquid Peptides. Peptide skincare is also available as moisturiser too, like The INKEY List Peptide Moisturizer which delivers collagen-boosting benefits and all-day hydration.

Mixing peptides with other serums and ingredients will supercharge your results. Use peptides and niacinamide together to not only achieve a smoother, plumper complexion, but tackle blemishes and uneven texture too. And there's no better combination than retinol and peptides, as these anti-ageing powerhouses will accelerate your youth-boosting results.
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