Nail Polish & Varnish

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A pretty set of nails sets you apart from the rest, with the range of colours blended with the highest quality brands the nail polish range at LookFantastic is superbly fashioned to ensure you find your perfect match.

With Gifts & Packs designed brilliantly to allow you to give somebody you love a manicure treat, you can choose from various brands and collections along with nail treatments to ensure your manicure is perfect.

The Nail Colour range offers up a smorgasbord of variety. From your brights to your darks; with the likes of Berry, Black and Brown adding a sultry note to your style, Blues, Greens and Purples working to add a quirky and very perky pop of colour. Working with warmer shades of Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange and Coral that are designed to brighten winter months or get your summer off to a flying start. Keeping things innocent with angelic White, Nude and Grey nail varnish whilst the Glitters and Metallic shades ensure you stand out from the crowd. Get a perfected French manicure with polishes selected especially to look neat and smart.

The Manicure Essentials section refers to the products that ensure that your colour application is smooth, sleek and with a glossy finish. From Base Coats giving you that even coverage needed for a perfect 10, Quick Dry formulas designed to shorten your waiting time after painting and prevent smudging from occurring. Top Coats work on top of your base and colour coating to boost gloss and shine for a preened and prepped finish.

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