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UK Delivery Information

  • 12 month re-occurring subscription plan offering unlimited delivery on all options (excluding same day delivery) 
  • Exclusive discount for Same Day Delivery at the cost of £7.95  
  • Premier Delivery cost is £9.90 
  • Once you have placed your first order, it can take up to 24hrs for the premium delivery to activate on your account, However your first order will still go out on a Next Day service where applicable 
  • Collect from over 1000 lockers nationwide
  • Contact free delivery available 24/7
  • Save your favourite lockers for future orders
  • Delivered within 2-3 days and available for collection for a further 72 hours
  • Select 'Click & Collect' at checkout
    • Please allow 2-3 days for delivery.
    • You will receive an estimated time of delivery

    • Choose from over 5000 collection points
    • Save your favourite collection points for future orders
    • Receive a notification when your order is available for collection
    • Delivered within 2-4 days and available for collection for a further 10 days
    • Order before 11:30pm for next day delivery, 7 days per week
    • £4.95 Next Day Delivery cost
    • Restrictions apply, this service is not available on Bank Holidays
    • Note: Delivery is only available in England, Wales, Scotland
    • During busy period's some Premium/Express delivery services may be temporarily unavailable

    • To reduce the carbon footprint of your order, we will ensure that the last mile of your delivery is completed on foot, by bike or electric vehicle
    • Delivered within 2-3 days
    • Eco deliveries take place 7 days a week
    • Option will show at checkout if available to your selected post code

    • Same Day Delivery - £13.90
    • Order before 11:30am for same day delivery, 7 days per week
    • Delivery between 5pm and 10pm
    • Restrictions apply, this service is not available on Bank Holidays
    • Option will be visible at checkout if available
    List of postcodes where applicable

    SW2,SW3,SW4,SW5,SW6,SW7,SW8,SW9,W10,W11,W12,W13,W14,W1B,W1C,W1D,W1F,W1G,W1H,W1J,W1K,W1S,W1T,W1U,W1W,W2,W3,W4,W5,          W6,W7,W8,W9,WC1A,WC1B,WC1E,WC1H,WC1N,WC1R,WC1V,WC1X,WC2A,WC2B,WC2E,WC2H,WC2N,WC2R,SW20,SW15,SW13,SW14,E1,E10,E11, E12,E13,E14,E15,E16,E17,E18,E1W,E2,E20,E3,E4,E5,E6,E7,E8,E9,EC1A,EC1M,EC1N,EC1R,EC1V,EC1Y,EC2A,EC2M,EC2N,EC2R,EC2V,EC2Y,EC3A,EC3M, EC3N,EC3R,EC3V,EC4A,EC4M,EC4N,EC4R,EC4V,EC4Y,N1,N10,N15,N16,N19,N1C,N2,N22,N4,N5,N6,N7,N8,NW11,NW3,NW4,NW5,SE14,SE15,SE21,  SE22,SE23,SE24,SE27,SE4,SE8,N11,N12,N13,N14,N18,N20,N21,N3,N9,NW7,NW9,SE10,SE12,SE13,SE18,SE19,SE2,SE20,SE25,SE26,SE28,SE3,SE6,  SE7,SE9,N17,EC2P,EC3P,EC4P,W1A,HA0,HA1,HA2,HA3,HA4,HA5,HA6,HA7,HA8,HA9,TW1,TW10,TW11,TW12,TW13,TW14,TW2,TW3,TW4,TW5,TW7,  TW8,TW9,UB1,UB10,UB11,UB2,UB3,UB4,UB5,UB6,UB7,UB8,IG1,IG2,IG3,IG4,IG5,IG6,IG7,IG8,IG9,IG10,IG11,RM1,RM2,RM5,RM6,RM7,RM8,RM9,RM10, RM11,RM12,RM13,WD2, WD6,WD7, WD17,WD18,WD19,WD23,WD24,WD25

    M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6,M7,M8,M9,M11,M12,M13,M14,M15,M16,M17,M18,M19,M20,M21,M25,M27,M30,M32,M35,M40,M41,M43,M45,M50,SK4,SK5,M33, WA15,M22,M23,M28,BL4,BL3,SK8
    B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8,B9,B10,B11,B12,B13,B14,B15,B16,B17,B18,B19,B20,B21,B23,B24,B25,B26,B27,B28,B29,B30,B31,B32,B33,B34,B35,B36,B37, B38,B42,B43,B44,B45,B66,B67,B68,B72,B73,B74,B75,B76,B90,B91,B92