Men's Lip Balm & Lip Scrub

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Lovely luscious kissable lips are a focal point for the senses. Look after yours with our super-effective Lip Care range.

Lips are sensitive and very prone to becoming dry and chapped. Regular use of lip balms soothes away dryness and helps to heal chapped and cracked lips, easing soreness and discomfort. Our wide range of lip-blams are all fast-acting and effective, bringing you rapid relief. Lip balms and lip conditioners also protect your lips from damage.

Extreme weather conditions such as intense sun, wind or extreme cold can all mean suffering for your lips. Even overheated buildings or airconditioning can take their toll. By adding a protective layer of carefully formulated emollients, balms and conditioners shut out the damage.

Keep those kissables plump and soft. With products to suit every budget, you can make sure you have a lip care product at home, and a handy one to pop in your pocket or bag too.

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