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Armani’s guide to sustainable fragrance

Armani’s guide to sustainable fragrance
Alice Macfarlane
Beauty Writer1 year ago
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From the ingredients we use in our haircare, to the packaging of our fragrances, sustainability is a growing factor in our everyday beauty regimes. Deciding what deserves a place in your beauty cabinet is no longer a one-dimensional decision, but an informed choice, based on multiple factors.

With conscious shopping habits on the rise, we've realised how our carbon footprint is affected by our beauty choices, even when it comes down to your signature scent. But how can we be more sustainable with our fragrance? We caught up with Armani, who are championing their planet-friendly perfume refills system, to understand how we can make more eco-friendly fragrance choices.


In your opinion, what makes a fragrance ‘sustainable’?

"A commitment to consciously sourced ingredients and a conscious effort to aim to reduce carbon footprint throughout a product's lifecycle."

Why is it important to be more sustainable with our fragrances?

"We want to allow and empower the customer to make a better and more educated choice. If every person has the option to make a more sustainable choice, we can have a bigger impact on the environment, reducing waste and extending product lifecycle."

How does purchasing a refill instead of buying a new bottle impact on the environment?

"Purchasing a refill instead of a new bottle means that the customer is not only saving materials such as plastic, glass and metal, but also reducing carbon emissions created in the process of producing and shipping new bottles. It’s also creating a mindset and behavior to favour more sustainable consumption!"

How does Armani take a sustainable approach to sourcing ingredients?

"My Way favours the use of sustainably sourced ingredients such as vanilla sourced from Madagascar which is harvested through an inclusive program that benefits local communities."

What initiatives is Armani part of to protect and conserve our planet?

"Armani has two brand causes which are at the heart of our business. Firstly we have Aqua for Life, which focuses on delivering universal access to drinking water in water-scarce regions. The initiative started in 2010, the same year the United Nations recognised the right to water and sanitation as a human right. As of today, Aqua for Life has invested a total of over 9 million euros in water projects worldwide."

"Since 2020 Armani has also been contributing towards forest preservation programs in Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Peru, Brazil & Guatemala."

How many ml are in your refill bottles and how do they work?

"Our refill bottle contains 150ml of Fragrance and can easily refill the 30, 50 or 90ml bottles in the comfort of your own home. You can save up to 55% Glass, 64% Plastic and 32% carton when you purchase x1 Refill and x1 50ml fragrance vs buying x4 50ml fragrances, making a fragrance that is designed to last!"

How can we dispose of our refill bottles safely?

"Both the carton & glass bottle can be recycled. Instructions may vary locally we advise customers to check with local recycling guidelines before disposal to ensure sorting protocol is respected."

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Alice Macfarlane
Beauty Writer
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