Viviscal | Voted the 'Best Hair Supplement' in the UK

As hair loss and thinning hair become less of a taboo subject, more brands are coming forward and talking about solutions for these unfortunate but very common issues. So don't worry, you're not alone and Viviscal are here to help!

Having researched hair care for over 20 years, Viviscal have become experts in hair growth supplements in particular. They are now the go-to brand for issues with thin air and hair loss, known mostly for the success of their products in promoting significant, successful hair growth.

Each year, the highly acclaimed Harper’s Bazaar magazine choose their top skin, body and hair products in their ‘Beauty Hot 100’ awards. Each product is vigorously tested by the beauty experts at Harper’s Bazaar throughout the year to see which reach their high standards. There are no tougher critics in the beauty industry, and this year they’ve judged Viviscal as the ‘Best Hair Supplement’ in the UK.

With a beautiful and effective selection of serums, supplements, shampoos and conditioners for both men and women, Viviscal is sure to have a solution for your hair care woes. Give our Viviscal Starter Kit a try if you want to see the results yourself

About the Viviscal Hair Growth Programme

The Viviscal Hair Growth Programme provides a variety of ways to nourish your hair from the inside out, and the outside in. The first part of the programme is to make sure your hair is getting nourished, with Viviscal Maximum Strength supplements and Viviscal Man supplements. Next, using Viviscal Gentle Shampoo and Viviscal Moisturising Conditioner, cleanse and prepare your hair and your scalp to create the ideal environment for healthy hair growth. The next stage, is to protect your hair from over-styling and damage with Viviscal Hair and Scalp Serums, which support healthy hair growth to help hair appear thicker. Finally, use Viviscal Volumising Hair Fibres to create the appearance of thicker, fuller-looking hair.