Top tips for fuller, fashionable brows from RapidBrow®

The fuller brow is still the crowning glory on every beauty addicts face, this look needs expert care and attention to maintain the immaculate arch! Follow our top brow tips to make sure your brows continue to flourish under the nurturing wand of RapidBrow®.



Tip 1 – Let them grow

If you’ve over plucked, bite the bullet and let them grow out – put those tweezers away!

Tip 2 – Leave the arch alone

Never pluck above the brow, as this is your natural brow shape and it will never grow back the same!

Tip 3 – Sisters not twins

Eyebrows are sisters, not twins! So relax if they don’t match exactly.

Tip 4 – Enhance what you have

Fuller eyebrows doesn’t mean ungroomed and unkept eyebrows – it’s just an enhancement of what you already have.

Tip 5 – Frame your features

Treat your eyebrows as a frame for the rest of your features.

Tip 6 – Natural light

Always pluck in natural daylight, and use a handheld mirror.

Factors such as age, lifestyle and natural shape need to be taken into consideration when aspiring to the on trend brow, but by using RapidBrow® twice daily for 8 weeks, you’ll see up 108% improvement in your eyebrow density and visibly fuller, and thicker looking, less sparse eyebrows.






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