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Festival Survival Guide

Festival Survival Guide
Caggie Dunlop
#LFAmbassador5 years ago
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Festival season is underway, so I am going to share with you my festival survival guide!

I love getting festival ready, having fun experimental makeup and accessories - Look Fantastic has all the bits and bobs I need. I'm going to share with you all the essentials I use to get festival ready... and some that I take with me along the way!

My Festival Essentials

Discover my favourite beauty products I love to take with me whenever I head away for festival season, so that I come back just as preened as when I left!

  • 1.Prep And Prime

    Prep And Prime
    4.75 Stars 20 Reviews
    Prepping your skin for a full on weekend is always key. You want to give it as much nourishment as possible before you go, otherwise it will really suffer. The night before I go I will use a extra hydrating mask to try and pack my skin with the moisture it needs before it is exposed to the elements. I love the Origins Drink up Intensive mask, it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so fresh. What is great about this product is that you don't have any mess or washing off. You apply it to your face and neck, and let it work its magic. It is enriched with avocado and apricot kernel oils, which prepare your skin for the next-day. I also take this product with me to festivals, and if I remember I will apply it before I go to sleep. Its worth a try, right?
  • 2.Make Sure You Cleanse

    Make Sure You Cleanse
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    Whether its morning, night or in the middle of the day it is so important to Cleanse, Cleanse and Cleanse! Try and get into a good routine pre festival and then while you are there make sure you cleanse before you sleep. Your skin will be absorbing so much dirt over the weekend so the more you cleanse the less build up you will have and your pores will be much healthier after! I think the best solution is to use a micellar water. Garnier do a great one, and it doesn't break the bank either. They even have little travel bottles which are perfect to take with you. The great thing about micellar water is that it cleanses and removes your makeup in one, so there is no faffing about. It gently draws out all your dirt and impurities without drying out your skin. But don't forget to take some cotton pads with you.
  • 3.Use SPF

    Use SPF
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    Always take SPF! Festivals are known for their unpredictable weather, especially in the UK. SPF is so important, even if it is cloudy. Make sure you chose a suitable one for your skin type. If you don't want to use a normal SPF cream then opt for a BB or CC cream with SPF, they are great for protection and they give you coverage too. Vichy do an amazing Face and Body Milk which I always take with me. It has SPF 50, and no parabens. What is great about this product is that you can apply it to your face and body so it is great to have at a festival because you don't have to take two bottles!
  • 4.Make Up Touch Ups

    Make Up Touch Ups
    4.36 Stars 14 Reviews
    Having a good concealer is always key. You never know when you might need it! It is also a small product that can fit in your day bag without getting in the way. It is perfect for touching up those under eye bags which I always get from not getting enough sleep. I love my Fake Up Benefit Concealer, it does two jobs in one, hydrating your skin and covering dark circles and creases. It is smooth and easy to use, it even looks like a lipstick, so no one will know you have it. It is also light-reflecting so you can use it as a highlighter too for an even more radiant complexion. This is a festival beauty must have!
  • 5.Have Fun With Makeup

    Have Fun With Makeup
    My favourite part of festival season is deciding how I can make my makeup fun. Whether it is some glitter, bright lips or some bright eyeshadow, I always like to make an effort. Estée Lauder do a fantastic eyeshadow trio which I always pick from my makeup bag to take with me. The three colours work seamlessly together and create a bold but elegant look. The shadows are highly pigmented so you don't need to use much for maximum impact, simply apply dry, or wet (to intensify). They are long lasting so you don't have to worry about it coming off. The compact also includes an applicator and mirror so its perfect to take with you!
  • 6.Go For A Bold Red Lip

    Go For A Bold Red Lip
    4.67 Stars 3 Reviews
    For a bold red lip I would suggest Lancôme Rouge in Love collection, the colours are beautiful and they have different ones for different skin tones. I really love the Rouge Valentine shade, the colour lasts for so long on me without drying out, keeping my lips hydrated with full coverage. I have tested and tried so many lipsticks trying to find one that has a vibrant colour but a light texture that doesn't try my lips out, and this one does the job perfectly.

Caggie Dunlop
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A TV personality from the UK, currently splitting my time between London and LA. I am delighted to be a Beauty Ambassador for Lookfantastic as it allows me to keep connected wherever I am in the world. I am currently in LA, pursuing acting and music, whilst sharing all my beauty secrets with you and