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The New Beauty Buzzwords to Know in 2017

The New Beauty Buzzwords to Know in 2017
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Beauty is full of buzzwords and trends. With the new year, we're already hearing all about the new trends and we're here to fill you in on what they all mean.

2017's Beauty Buzzwords Decodeded

With social media powering new crazes and brands constantly producing new and exciting products, there is always a new phrase, ingredient or method to learn. Here are the ones you need to know right now.

  • 1.Draping

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    What does it mean? Draping is essentially a way of contouring your face with blush. We've already predicted that blush is going to come back in a big way this year, and draping will be a big part of that. It is about using different shades of blush to add shape and subtly sculpt your cheekbones, whilst looking fresher and softer than traditional contour. If you want the step by step, then we have you covered; just read this post. How to try it:  The essential for draping is a gorgeous selection of blush colours. Our ultimate palette is the beautiful NARS Dual Intensity Blush Palette but the Clinique Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palettes are a great handbag-friendly alternative.
  • 2.Buffing

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    What does it mean?  Again, buffing isn't exactly new as a technique, but it has usually been reserved to makeup artists. It is all about achieving that ultra-airbrushed finish. With this technique, you just need to apply your foundation in circular motions all over the skin, rather than tapping or sweeping it over the skin. How to try it:  This technique works best with either a cosmetic sponge or with a sponge foundation like the Lancôme Miracle Cushion Fluid Foundation Compact. It avoids any brush strokes or marks in your foundation. Just keep buffing and swirling the foundation into the skin in circular motions to get that flawless, soft focus finish.
  • 3.Colour Camouflaging

    Colour Camouflaging
    What does it mean? Colour Camouflaging is pretty much like Colour Correcting. It is about targeting specific needs on your skin and using colour theory to counteract problems. The trend for skin makeup is definitely shifting towards that perfect 'no makeup makeup' look and actually Colour Camouflaging helps with that. By getting the colour to do the work, you actually need less makeup! How to try it:  Clever tinted crayons and creams might look more like colouring pencils but they are just what you need to target specific issues. Go green and yellow for redness, purple for any sallowmess, and battle dark circles with peaches and oranges. We love the Japonesque Color Correcting Crayons for easy spot application.
  • 4.Spotlighting

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    What does it mean? Spotlighting is 2017's take on highlighting, using balms and glosses to reflect light off the skin. Instead of going for powders and shimmers, this is a fresher way to get that glow, that lets the natural tones of your skin shine through. How to try it:  Swap out your usual highlighter for something like RMS's Living Luminizer or the DuWop Double Glow to get that dewy, balm-like finish. After the rest of your makeup, tap it onto the skin where you want light to bounce off .
  • 5.Cut Crease

    Cut Crease
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    What does it mean? Move over smoky eye, a cut crease is the essential eye makeup skill you need to master for 2017. This is essentially the method for defining the crease of your eyelid by using contrasting eyeshadow colours. It gives a sharp, dramatic look and is a great way to ramp up your makeup for a special occasion. How to try it:  With a cut crease, the colours on the lid tend to stay lighter, with a sharp line along the eye socket that then has darker colours above. This isn't about blending over the lid, it is about crisp edges. We love the Illamasqua Demise Palette for cut creasing- the deep burgundy and navy work beautifully above the socket line, whilst the shimmering copper and white go over the lid.
  • 6.Inflammaging

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    What does it mean? 2016 might have been all about pollution for skincare, but for 2017 it looks like Inflammaging might be the latest issue to tackle. Inflammaging is basically long term, low-level inflammation in the body, and plays a strong part in the human ageing process. Inflammaging occurs at different levels and rates for different people but it is thought to be the underlying reason behind collagen and elastin breakdown so we are seeing more and more skincare trying to fight this issue. How to try it: Regular skin stress can cause inflammaging to increase, so the new skincare is all about trying to repair and protect. The Beauti Sleep Elixir is specifically designed to help fight the impact of inflammaging and has already gathered a whole army of celebrity fans who swear by it.  
  • 7.PHAs

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    What does it mean? PHAs are Poly Hydroxy Acids. We've heard all about AHAs and BHAs, with their glow giving results, but for some people they can cause sensitivity and redness. PHAs work in a similar way to help exfoliate and brighten the skin as AHAs but are less irritating to the skin as they penetrate less deeply but still promote cell breakdown in the same way. Look out for ingredients like Gluconic Acid, Galactose and Lactobionic Acid. How to try it:  The Zelens PHA+ Bio-Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads are the ideal way to try out PHAs, with a powerful blend of exfoliants to help revitalise your complexion. For a more luxurious pamper, try the Omorovicza Blue Diamond Peel.
  • 8.Customised Beauty

    Customised Beauty
    What does it mean? Customised Beauty is going to be a big movement this year. It is about products that fit with your lifestyle and particular needs rather than a 'one-fits-all' approach. This is bespoke skincare made accessible; expect to see mix your own options and adjustable formulas this year. How to try it: One of the products we've fallen for is the bareMinerals Mix Exfoliate Smooth Skin Polishing Grains. The exfoliating grains are made up of a blend of ingredients like Salt, Rice Powder and Grape Seed Powder. You can add as much or as little as you like into your usual cleanser to add an exfoliating boost whenever you need it.  
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