How to treat sunburn (and cool down)

How to treat sunburn (and cool down)

No matter how hard we try to protect our skin and diligently apply SPF50 throughout the day, we are all vulnerable to sunburn every now and again. Whether you’re caught off guard or miss a spot when applying your suncream, surburn can be painful, hot and can leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable for days.

Choosing the right products and letting your skin rest and recover is the only way to reduce to appearance of burnt skin and minimise any pain and discomfort you may feel. We’ve gathered together our top tips for getting rid of sunburn to ensure you spend the summer enjoying the sun rather than struggling with painful sunburn.

How to get rid of sunburn

1. Drink lots of water

Just being in the sun for a prolonged period of time can leave you dehydrated and in need of water. Sun burnt skin can dry your skin out even more, leading to that uncomfortable, tight feeling we all experience when we get burnt.

Drinking more water than usual, around 6-8 glasses a day is our recommended amount, will help your skin to heal quickly and will restore comfort to your sore, tight skin. Avoid drinks which may dehydrate you, such as alcohol, and stick to H2O. Simple but so effective.

2. Reach for Aloe Vera

Soothing, cooling and gentle, Aloe Vera the ingredient your skin needs when sunburnt. Relieving pain and deeply hydrating sore, dehydrated skin, Aloe Vera gels are a holiday essential, particularly if you’re very fair and prone to burning.

The Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel works to reduce redness and soothe inflammation whilst hydating the skin. The lightweight emulsion is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive and delicate, and will help you to speed up your skin’s natural healing process. We love keeping the Aloe 99% Soothing Gel in the fridge to provide instant relief to burnt skin once applied.

3. Keep out of the sun

This may seem obvious but many of us still choose to go back out in to the sun once we’ve been sunburnt. Keeping in the shade or staying in side in a cool area give your skin more of a chance to heal. Further exposure to the sun can irritate the skin further, causing even more significant damage and worsening any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.

If you don’t want to miss out too much, make sure you have a sun parasol or keep your affected skin covered up during the day. Wearing a cover-up and applying Aloe Vera frequently throughout the day is the best option for burnt skin if you don’t want to spend your whole day indoors.

4. Scale back your skincare

Your skin needs the chance to calm down and heal after too much sun. Using skincare designed specifically for sensitive and delicate skin is the perfect way to look after your burnt skin without causing any further irritation.

In terms of cleanser, a soothing, cleansing milk will gently remove any impurities on your skin without the need for too much scrubbing or pulling on your tender skin. The Avène Gentle Milk Cleanser rehydrates dry, sore skin whilst gently lifting away makeup or dirt which may have built up throughout the day.

Follow up with a moisturiser which cares for your sensitive skin and deeply hydrates. The La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Allergy provides instant and long-lasting relief from dryness and irritation, soothing your skin and reducing redness which may have been caused from too much sun.



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