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Top tips to help you wind down for bedtime

Top tips to help you wind down for bedtime
Hannah Pourhady
Writer and expert1 month ago
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We all know how important it is for health and wellness to get enough sleep each night. But it can be hard to determine when it’s time to switch-off, which is why our bodies (and minds) need a signal that it’s time for rest and relaxation. Adopting a nightly ritual, complete with self-care essentials designed to help you relax before bed, is a great way to ensure that wind down you need before going to sleep, allowing you to wake feeling refreshed and ready to go. 

Not sure where to start? Here are our top tips to help you wind down for bedtime! 


Elevate your haircare routine 

Although best not to wash your hair every night, having an evening haircare routine can really help to relax your head – literally. Lauren Hurren, international educator at Color WOW, confirms: “A nightly haircare routine is a form of self-care, [helping to] reduce stress after a busy day. Taking time to pamper yourself, perhaps with a simple haircare routine, allows you to unwind and prioritise your wellbeing.” 

Before you start your haircare routine, why not really treat yourself with a mini head massage to help get you in a relaxed, tranquil mood? Then, reward yourself further with the ultimate pamper session by introducing treatments to give your strands a little self-care. Hair masks are the perfect treat after a long day, packed with nourishing and reparative benefits. Try choosing a product that’s enriched with superfood ingredients for your strands for a little extra indulgence, like the Color WOW Money Mask, which works to deliver moisture direct to the cuticle cortex as a one-step-prep treatment for expensive-looking hair with the help of blue sea kale.  



Hair oils are another great way to do this as they can provide a boost of hydration and much-needed nourishment. We love the Moroccanoil Original Treatment for its ultra-hydrating and shine-boosting formula, packed with argan oil to help treat your strands to the TLC it deserves. Not sure how to fit it into your existing routine? James Davies, Moroccanoil Educator, explains: “One of the best ways to incorporate the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil into your nighttime routine is to simply apply up to three pumps on dry hair, depending on length and thickness, allowing it to treat while you sleep. The treatment will be fully absorbed without leaving your strands oily or greasy – so you can get up and style as normal.” 

While you wait for your hair mask to work its magic, resist your usual doom scroll through TikTok and instead take that time to do something for yourself. Meditation, breathing exercises and journalling can help to switch off your mind as you wind down for bed, allowing you to focus on your goals and get your thoughts in check before you hit the pillow. It also means you’ll be avoiding screen time right before try to sleep – which is often recommended by sleep experts! 

Be consistent with your skincare 

A solid evening routine not only provides a methodical way to wind down and relax, but your skin will also thank you for your time and effort. Diane Blanquart, International Training Manager at Erborian, tells us that “During the day, the skin focuses all its energy on protecting itself against environmental aggressors. At night, it regenerates. Cells are renewed, microcirculation intensifies, and the skin is more receptive to the benefits delivered by a skincare product.” 

Choosing products that include ingredients specifically designed for nighttime use, like the Skin Therapy Multi-Perfecting Night Oil-Serum, will allow you to promote a fresh-faced complexion come morning – like skin-gredient buzzword, ginzeng, celebrated for its youth-boosting properties. Diane shares, “The ginseng complex found in Skin Therapy is a powerful formulation designed to fight signs of skin ageing and to help improve skin firmness." 

If you already have an established PM skincare routine and are wondering how to add in this nightly oil, Diane explains, “Do not use [Skin Therapy] alongside any other products that contain exfoliating agents. [It] should be used at night on freshly cleansed skin, before or instead of your night cream.” 

Create a cosy sleeping environment 

Your favourite fresh bedding along with a clean and organised room helps to calm and organise the mind. If this isn’t achievable, something as simple as a pillow spray could be enough to calm your senses before bed. Prep your bedroom for ultimate relaxation withthis works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. 

Dr Anna Persaud, CEO of this works, says its soothing scent supports a restful night’s sleep, “Aside from smelling deeply comforting, our Deep Sleep functional fragrance helps to activate brain areas associated with emotions, pleasure, and calmness when tested in an fMRI study. Build good sleep habits by using this pillow spray each night to encourage positive associations for enhanced results.” 

Take your vitamins 

Making sure you have the best start to your day begins with the night before, and that includes prepping your body from within. Drinking a full glass of water before going to bed can help to replenish and hydrate your body during sleep. 

Pair your time to hydrate with the Myvitamins Relax Gummies to really boost your wellness regime, featuring a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to support to your overall wellbeing. A dose of natural extracts such as lemon balm and chamomile, which are popular ingredients in herbal teas, can help you wind down for a peaceful slumber. What’s more, the fruity flavour makes it a little something delicious to have before bed without any of the guilt!  

Hannah Pourhady
Writer and expert
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Coming from a large family of mainly women has made me passionate about all things beauty; from routines passed down from my grandmother, to trying the latest products and trends. Starting over 7 years ago when I was an MUA at MAC Cosmetics, my love for makeup has now evolved into making sure my skincare creates the perfect canvas for any look. I love anything that can make my skin feel fresh & bright while accentuating my features – Bobbi Brown's Face Base is my favourite at the moment! My makeup sits so beautifully on top and make my skin feel so fresh and hydrated!