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Go coconuts for Origins Glow-co-nuts Face Mask

Go coconuts for Origins Glow-co-nuts Face Mask
Team LF
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Nothing says summer like the fresh, indulgent scent of coconuts. As the sunny weather approaches, we've been reaching for everything coconut scented to give us a little taste of summer early.

Not only do we love the scent of coconuts, we also love the transformative benefits they can have for our skin. Beautifully hydrating, coconut is a wonderful skincare ingredient for those with dull, dry and tired skin in need of a little moisture and glow.

Origins x Madeleine Shaw

Origins' newest launch combines the divine scent of coconuts with their beautifying properties to create a face mask which is sure to become your next skincare staple for summer.

Origins x Madeleine Shaw Glow-co-nuts Hydrating Coconut Moisture Mask is a hydrating and glow-inducing cocoon for your skin, developed to add some healthy radiance to your complexion.

Created in collaboration with glow-getting nutritionist and food blogger Madeleine Shaw, Glow-co-nuts is inspired by her love of coconuts and natural ingredients to help you achieve the healthy-looking skin of your dreams.

Transforming dull, tired complexions, Glow-co-nuts harnessess the power of Coconut Oil to deeply hydrate your skin and Apricot Kernel Oil, rich in fatty essential acids and Vitamin E, to nourish and soothe.

The fluffy, whipped mask is enriched with a cocktail of nourishing natural oils to give your skin a much needed boost. Coconut, Apricot, Lemon, Orange and Lime oils hydrate and plump your skin, adding a gorgeous dewy look to every complexion.

Inspired by Madeleine's love for all things natural, the Glow-co-nuts formula is completely vegan and beautifully packaged in a tube adorned in palm leaves which is 100% recyclable.

Get glowing skin with Glow-co-nuts

Apply as part of either your morning or night time skincare routine for ten to twenty minutes, 2-3 times a week, for an instant rush of hydration when your skin is in need of a little boost. Apply Glow-co-nuts, let it sit and wash away to reveal a glowing, healthy complexion.

The beautiful Glow-co-nuts Mask can also be used as an overnight mask to deeply hydrate and transform your skin as you sleep. Simply apply a generous layer to your skin and tissue off any excess after a couple of minutes and go to sleep. Your skin will be plump and beautifully radiant by morning.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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