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How to Bake Your Makeup

How to Bake Your Makeup

You’d be hard pushed to explore your YouTube or blog feed at the moment without seeing the baking trend popping up at regular intervals, so we thought we’d demystify the term and show you how to achieve the technique at home!

What is Baking?

Simply put baking is a technique used to set your makeup. Powder is applied to the desired areas and left there to ‘bake’ or ‘cook’ using the temperature of the body. Once finished, the powder is removed and you’re left with a flawless complexion that should last all day.

Baking was invented by the theatrical and drag communities and it was created to ensure makeup longevity under hot stage lights and through a myriad of costume changes.

However there have been reports of the technique being used as long ago as the Victorian Era and even before that by the ancient Egyptians!

Back to the present day though, baking has had a resurgence in popularity and made it to mainstream trends thanks to makeup artists and beauty bloggers jumping on board.

Everyone from Wayne Goss to Jaclyn Hill have explored it, and of course it wouldn’t be a trend at all if the Kardashians weren’t involved in some way!

Kim’s MUA and celebrity in his own right, Mario Dedivanovic, is famed for using the technique on the starlet and therefore bringing it to international attention.

Is Baking for you?

Though popular it is important to note that baking isn’t for everyone. It’s wonderful if you have oily or combination skin and you’re after a long-lasting full coverage look, however it can be heavy on the skin and can be quite drying.

It is also an extra layer of makeup on the skin and of course takes time, so might not be for those who are in a hurry!

Step-by-step Baking Tutorial

  1. Apply Concealer
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    Apply Concealer

    Once you have applied your foundation and base makeup add an extra layer of matte concealer and blend well.

    You should apply it in a triangle under your eyes and any areas you wish to highlight, including under your cheekbones to create a defined contour, the bridge of your nose, the centre of your forehead and your chin.

    This will provide a solid foundation for the powder to grip to in the next step.

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  2. Apply Powder
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    Apply Powder

    Dampen a makeup sponge or beauty blender using water (or a hydrating mist if you want to treat your skin) and tap gently into a loose translucent powder.

    Then apply this very generously onto the skin in a dabbing motion to the areas you have previously concealed.

    Don’t worry; it will look a bit strange but there will not be any residue left after we have finished!

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  3. Get Baking
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    Get Baking

    This is where patience will kick in. You need to leave the mask of powder in place for about ten minutes in order for your body temperature to work its magic and bake it.

    I like to do my eye makeup here, especially if going for a dark  look as I can get rid of any eyeshadow drop out when removing the baking residue.

    Once you have waited for the correct amount of time take a fluffy powder brush and apply a small amount of the same translucent powder to it.

    Next gently knock off the powder residue with a light hand. It might help to do this in a buffing motion if required but take care not to disturb the makeup underneath.

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  4. Set in Place
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    Set in Place

    Finally once the powder is removed you can set everything in place with a fixing mist

    This has two benefits

    1. The makeup will last even longer
    2.  It’ll reduce any powderiness from the skin

    Ta-da, you’ll be left with a flawless complexion!

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Jasmine Gibson

Jasmine Gibson

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