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How to find the perfect red lip look with Bobbi Brown

How to find the perfect red lip look with Bobbi Brown
Team LF
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When looking for the perfect red lip, where do you begin? With countless shades in the red category, different finishes, textures and formulations, sometimes the choice can be overwhelming.

As part of our #IAmFantastic campaign, we teamed up with leading beauty brand Bobbi Brown, and one of their PRO Makeup Artists, Adeola Boyega to learn more about red lip looks and which one is perfect for you.

Look 1: Crushed Lip Colour

This lip look is your perfect everyday look thanks to the lipstick's swipe-and-go formula which is super easy and effortless to wear.

The Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour contains crushed colour pigments and conditioning agents which give incredible colour payoff without compromising on hydration or comfort.

It's my favourite lipstick to wear everyday - Adeola Boyega, Bobbi Brown PRO Makeup Artist

Look 2: Nourishing Lip Colour

The Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Colour has a beautifully conditoning texture, which makes it feel like more of a balm than a lipstick. As a result, it goes on incredibly easily yet also has wonderful longevity, which means you can get the look of a gloss with the benefits of a long-lasting lipstick.

Perfect if you love a lipgloss but like the longevity of a lipstick! - Adeola Boyega, Bobbi Brown PRO Makeup Artist

Look 3: Art Stick

Bobbi Brown's Art Stick is one of the brand's most matte lip formulations, making it perfect for those of you that want a less glossy feel. It doesn't however feel drying on the lips like traditional matte lipsticks, and leaves your lips feeling comfortable throughout its wear.

The best thing about the Art Stick is that you can wear it as a lipstick and lip liner in one, making it the perfect on-the-go and holiday travel beauty essential!

Perfect if you want your lips to pack a punch! - Adeola Boyega, Bobbi Brown PRO Makeup Artist

Look 4: Luxe Lip Colour

In an array of red shades to suit your skin tone and colour needs, the Bobbi Brown Luxe Colour is one of the brand's best colour-payoff lip products, making it ideal for nights out or special occasions.

As soon as its applied, the lipstick imparts maximum colour with incredible longevity and gorgeous shine; perfect if you want your lips to do the talking!

{The Luxe Lip} is our most luxurious lipstick - Adeola Boyega, Bobbi Brown PRO Makeup Artist

Look 5: Original Lip Colour

One of the brand's most wearable and natural lipsticks, the Bobbi Brown Original Lip Colour is perfect for those that are just starting out introducing lipstick into their beauty routines, or want a reliable yet still gorgeous formula.

Bobbi Brown PRO Makeup Artist Adeola Boyega loves to apply it either straight from the bullet or with the brand's Retratable Lip Brush

It's great for both those everyday and red-carpet moments! - Adeola Boyega, Bobbi Brown PRO Makeup Artist

Bobbi Brown's lipstick application tips and tricks

  1. Always apply a Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil with your lipstick and lip makeup.
  2. Apply lipstick first and then apply the Lip Pencil after to ensure an even application and ensure a natural fade.
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Writer and expert
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