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Why the J.One Jelly Pack deserves its cult status

Why the J.One Jelly Pack deserves its cult status
Team LF
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Japan may well have recently taken centre-stage in the beauty industry, but that's not stopped Korean Beauty from accepting the challenge. One of South Korea's leading skincare brands, J.One, is stepping up and preparing to bring Korean Beauty back into the limelight.

The brand's cult Jelly Pack is one of the world's best-selling beauty products, with one unit sold every 60 seconds. Yes, you read that right.

What is the J.One Jelly Pack?

Part makeup primer, part skincare, the J.One Jelly Pack combines everything we have come to know and love about K-Beauty.

With a unique jelly-like texture, the formula smoothes, protects and hydrates. As we've come to expect from K-Beauty, its texture changes as it hits the skin, and immediately liquifies so it can be absorbed super easily, creating the perfect canvas for makeup.

The J.One Jelly Pack also contains a very powerful antioxidant known as Fullerine, which helps to shield the skin from damaging environmental pollution and external aggressors. Coupled with collagen-boosting peptides, it's the ultimate luxury in skincare-come-makeup. A product that leaves the skin so smooth, glowing and even, it's garnered attention all over the globe outside of its native South Korea.

Although most people love to use it under makeup, it looks equally amazing worn on it's own when you want a more natural finish. The best part? It contains fragmented hyaluronic acid which floods the skin with moisture, making it a perfect holiday product when you need to cut down on packing.

How do I use it?

Rather than patting it into the skin, it's better to work it in in long strokes up and around the face, starting at the T-Zone and finishing on the cheeks.

...and the Black Jelly Pack?

This wonderful overnight treatment is a face mask infused with black truffle, black pearl, black cumin and black propolis for a truly indulgent nighttime beauty product.

If you love K-Beauty and the J.One Jelly Pack, you will love its darker and richer older sister.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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