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5 Tips for Perfect Summer Nails

5 Tips for Perfect Summer Nails
Amy Forsythe
6 years ago
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Give your nails a holiday-ready makeover with our 5 tips for gorgeous Summer nails. I'm going to share my 5 tips for changing up your manicure and keeping your hands looking beautiful.

5 Manicure Tips Perfect for Summer

  • 1.File and Shape

    File and Shape
    First things first, it’s time to get your nails in shape! A freshly-filed nail makes the perfect foundation for any manicure as a smoothly buffed surface means the polish can adhere to your nail properly and is less likely to chip. For summer holidays, where there’s plenty of sea, sand and lugging suitcases across an airport, keep it short and simple; file your nails with a file like these from Lottie London. Make them into a smooth even shape, trying to get them all to a similar length before you round off the corners for a neat ‘squoval’ look.
  • 2.Try White Polish

    Try White Polish
    There’s a bit of taboo around white nail polish, with many people still fearing it will look like they’ve spilled Tippex on their nails. However white polish is a fab choice for Summer as it looks stunning next to tanned skin. If you’re still not completely convinced, try a soft, creamy white like Essie Coconut Cove or go full out with a pure white like OPI Alpine Snow. To keep them from being streaky, try doing 2 or 3 thin coats, letting your nails dry between each layer.
  • 3.Neon Brights for Neon Nights

    Neon Brights for Neon Nights
    Neon bright colours are basically synonymous with summertime, so it would be a crime to try a few out on your nails. Not only are bright polishes the perfect antidote to the 9-5 workwear and dingy British weather, they also set off a tan brilliantly. We love bright juicy corals like Leighton Denny I Love Juicy and standout pinks like Orly Cabana Boy. Whether you’re blessed with a golden glow, or you’ve sneakily faked it this summer, neon nail polish will help you show it off!
  • 4.Nail Art

    Nail Art
    Summer holidays are the perfect time to experiment with a little nail art. Don’t be afraid, we’re not talking about recreating the Mona Lisa here, just a few quick and easy techniques to jazz up your summer mani. Experiment with a nail art kit like this one from Butter London. You can create fun polka dots or a mini mosaic on your nails with a dotting tool, tape off the bottom half of your nails and paint a bright polish along the tips before whipping off the tape to reveal a funky French manicure or mix up a few of your bright polishes into a summery ombre design like this one here.
  • 5.SPF Hand Cream

    SPF Hand Cream
    Last but by no means least – don’t forget your SPF! You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘you can always tell a woman’s age by her hands’ but it is easy to forget to look after your hands. The skin on your hands has to work hard and is nearly always exposed to the elements so it’s really important to protect them. Use a hand cream with SPF like the Eve Lom Hand Cream SPF 10 to keep your skin healthy, smooth and glowing!

Amy is a nail obsessive, changing her manicure almost daily, experimenting with nail art and obsessing over the latest nail polish launches. She is sharing her expert tips and advice with Lookfantastic.