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The Best Fragrances For A Boost Of Confidence And Energy

The Best Fragrances For A Boost Of Confidence And Energy
Team LF
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Have you ever noticed that you often feel better when wearing fragrance compared to when you are not? We know for a fact that scents have an impact on our mood. They can help us feel confident, relaxed and happy.

As we are celebrating female empowerment this month, we've rounded up the top fragrances that enhance energy and self-confidence.

The Power Of Fragrance

Wearing perfume is empowering but there isn’t any universal mood-boosting fragrance; it’s very subjective. Our sense of smell is connected to the part of the brain that interprets memories. This means that we react to a blend of notes depending on our emotional background.

According to science, the first time we get exposed to a scent and the context (whether it was a good or bad experience) when we first smell it is essential. It determines our appreciation of this scent.

This is why we connect differently to a fragrance and we tend to feel empowered by a perfume if it features notes that remind us of great and positive moments.

That being said, there are combinations of notes that are more likelier than others to give you the confidence boost that you need. They are present in some of the fragrances that will help you feel more energised and powerful.

The Top Fragrances To Enhance Confidence And Energy

We've selected the best perfumes to help you feel empowered anytime, anywhere.

To Feel Confident At Work

A work-appropriate fragrance can help you power up your day and get you through stressful situations. Pick a fragrance that is not too heady and that you feel comfortable wearing. Otherwise, it will only enhance your stress at work!

The scents that are great for uplifting your mood usually contain citrus notes, such as Lemon, Orange or Grapefruit. Refreshing and zesty, they uplift your energy and set you in a positive mood.

Spritz a little bit of perfume on your pulse points too, just before an important meeting or presentation, for an extra boost of energy!

  • One of our staples is Ô de Lancôme Eau de Toilette. Exuding freshness, the fragrance has a delightful blend of Mandarin, Lemon and Bergamot notes that invigorate the senses.
  • As an alternative, you can try Molton Brown’s Bursting Caju & Lime Eau de Toilette. The fragrance was inspired by the Brazil's national cocktail, Caipirinha. Opening with zesty notes of Lime, Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon, it delivers an immediate revitalising feeling.
  • If you like Chloe’s fragrances, L'Eau de Chloé Eau de Toilette is an excellent choice. Zesty Bergamot, sparkling Grapefruit and Citrus accords set the tone and make this light fragrance perfect for office days.

Be Irresistible On A Date

This type of occasion is the perfect time to wear sumptuous oriental scents to feel glamorous. Their richness and depth bring a warming touch; perfect on a romantic night.

Opt for a woody oriental fragrance enhanced with some spice to pack a punch, but if you are looking for something more subtle, choose a feminine blend of floral and fruity scents that will make hearts melt.

  • Our absolute favourite for a romantic occasion is Marc Jacobs's Daisy Dream Kiss Eau de Toilette not only for its lovely bottle but also for its exquisite blends. It combines fresh citrus top notes and feminine heart notes of White Freesia, Rhubarb and Jasmine Flowers, warmed by a sensuous base of Cedar, Musk and Ambrox.
  • If you're looking for a more poetic fragrance, try Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir Eau de Parfum. Top notes of Orange Blossom and Bergamot are infused with floral heart notes of Jasmine, Rose and Carnation, on a precious Vanilla, Cinnamon and Patchouli base.
  • We also love the recently launched DKNY's Be Tempted Eau So Blush Eau de Parfum. The perfect combination of fresh, floral and woody accords make this fragrance absolutely captivating. Indeed, it opens with juicy Blood Orange then develops into floral notes such as Pink Peony before succumbing to a base of Apricot, Musk and creamy Woods.

You can also take a look at our fragrance finder to pick your perfect perfume based on your favourite scents.

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Writer and expert
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