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A guide to dreamy LA skin with Kate Somerville

A guide to dreamy LA skin with Kate Somerville
Tom Roberts
Beauty Box Editor2 years ago
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To help you on your journey for perfect skin and to celebrate the launch of the LOOKFANTASTIC x Kate Somerville limited edition Beauty Box, we’re giving you a complete 360 degree guide for complexion perfection.

But it doesn’t stop there. Not only have we provided 5 of Kate’s radical skin formulas to help you along the way, we’ve also got some top tips from the leading lady herself. So pull out a chair, and take note as we dive into Kate’s ultimate summer skincare tips.

Where the problems lie…

“Harsh winter weather requires the use of heavier skincare products designed to protect your skin from environmental irritants like cold temperatures, wind, and rain. In the summer, your skincare routine requires products that aren’t as heavy to avoid clogging pores or causing greasiness.

Summers in Los Angeles are amazing! Blue skies, fluffy clouds, and plenty of sun. Having said that, skin can sometimes struggle in the summer. Between the hotter temps, extra time in the sun, and sweating, skin can get stressed, dry, and/or over exposed, leading to breakouts, dehydration, and visible redness.”

Skincare is a universal language

You don’t have to be in LA to enjoy the Kate Somerville products in the Beauty Box. They’re the ultimate skin restoring summer regimen!

“My super conditioning goat milk cleanser gently clears away dirt, oil, impurities and make up without over drying skin. Twice a week, follow with ExfoliKate® Intensive, my clinic-inspired exfoliating scrub that’s clinically proven to smooth pores and texture in two minutes.”

Skincare on the go

In addition to lightening up your skincare routine during the summer months, try using products that are non-comedogenic, which are specially formulated to not clog pores. The hot summer weather can leave your skin a bit sweaty by the end of the day, and because of this, you may find that your pores get clogged more frequently.

“For those unexpected breakouts – or even if you feel an undergrounder coming on – reach for EradiKate® Blemish Treatment. This pink sulphur-based spot treatment clears breakouts in as little as one hour.”

From dawn until dusk

“In the morning, complete your routine with the DeliKate™ Recovery Cream, the ultimate skin soother expertly formulated to calm dryness, tightness or irritation while visibly diminishing redness and restoring a healthy skin barrier.

In the evenings, use KateCeuticals™ Total Repair Cream instead as your final skincare step. Inspired by the top anti-aging facial at my clinic, this comprehensive moisturizer has major clinic-grade age repair benefits!”

All of these fabulous products are available in the LOOKFANTASTIC x Kate Somerville Limited Edition Beauty Box. Click here to get your hands on your box now before it’s too late!

Summer is only just getting started!

Tom Roberts
Beauty Box Editor
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