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Why the Lancôme Hydrogel Melting Mask is one of our favourite skincare innovations

Why the Lancôme Hydrogel Melting Mask is one of our favourite skincare innovations
Team LF
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Sheet masks were one of the hottest beauty trends of 2017, and they're not set to slow down any time soon. Enter the Lancôme Hydrogel Melting Mask.

What is it?

Last year, Lancôme launched their Advanced Génifique Sensitive; a serum designed to help perfect any age and type of complexion. Enriched with probiotic technology, the serum helps to fight environmental aggressors and pollution to leave the skin looking and feeling its very best.

The new Hydrogel Sheet Mask has been designed with this same technology in mind, but it actually contains the same amount of probiotic cultures (also called Bifidus Extracts) as a whole bottle of Advanced Génifique. So, it acts like a beauty shot for stressed-out skin in need of some serious attention.

It's 14 years of research and a formula that has been patented until 2029 with 150 international beauty awards

What's in the Lancôme Hydrogel Melting Mask?

Like its blue-bottled sister, the Lancôme Hydrogel Sheet Mask contains a base of probiotic technology, which helps to feed the skin with intense nutrition. It's most concentrated in Bifidus, which helps to strengthen the skin's barrier by keeping it protected against external and environmental aggressors.

It works by utilising unique technology so that the mask's ingredients can penetrate the skin. A lightweight and gel mesh melts into a fluid once it reaches room temperature on your skin, which then causes it to release its blend of ingredients. The result? A luminous, healthy and super soft complexion.

Is the mask right for me?

The Lancôme Hydrogel Melting Mask is for anyone who wants to nourish and feed their skin with the very best of ingredients. No matter your skin type or concern, the sheet mask has been formulated to provide your compleixon with everything it needs to stay healthy, plumped-up and glowing.

It's especially great for girls on the go who don't have a lot of time to spend on their skincare routines, and need a quick shot of goodness as they go about their busy days.

How do I use it?

  1. Unfold the mask
  2. Remove the transparent film from the back and apply onto the skin, with the gel side down
  3. Once on the skin, remove the white mesh and leave for up to 30 minutes.
  4. Massage the excess serum into the skin
Team LF
Writer and expert
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