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Wake Wonderful With Ren’s Overnight Face Mask

Wake Wonderful With Ren’s Overnight Face Mask
Team LF
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If we have had a late night or particularly tiring day, we can wake up the next morning, look in the mirror and can see that our skin looks fatigued and dull. Getting as much sleep as possible, eating a healthy diet, exercising and making sure to relax can all do wonders for our skin, but when we are leading busy lives, our skin can still suffer. This is where the Ren Wake Wonderful Overnight Face Mask comes in.

How Does The Ren Wake Wonderful Overnight Face Mask Work?

The treatment combines Glycolic and Lactic Acids to brighten and refine the skin tone, Cranberry Seed Oil to reduce UV damage, Arctic Blackcurrant Seed Oil to repair cells and tissue, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids to reduce pigmentation. The treatment works in 3 phases while you sleep to revitalise the skin, enhance cell turnover and infuse skin with hydration. Combined, these phases give you a brighter, more radiant and healthier complexion when you wake up.

What Are The Skin Brightening Phases?

Each phase works to improve your skin at a cellular level and boost your overall radiance to combat dullness, uneven skin tone and fatigue.

  1. Phase 1 exfoliates the skin using a combination of acids to support cell turnover. This helps to remove any dead cells on the skin's surface and renew dullness.
  2. Phase 2 revitalises the skin using a blend of Magnesium, Glycogen and Omega Oils to help heal and renew. This works to calm any signs of irritation and leave your skin energised.
  3. Phase 3 delivers an intense hit of hydration where Sodium Lactate attracts water to the skin to deeply moisturise and protect.

How To Apply

Apply 2-3 pumps over cleansed skin at night. If you are using products such as serums, then apply this face mask after, and then apply your moisturiser.

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We use this treatment the night before a big day ahead because we know we will wake up with gorgeously youthful and plumped-up skin! Make sure to see all the other products in the Ren Radiance family to help give you gorgeous skin.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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