How to do the perfect red lip

How to do the perfect red lip

It’s one of the most classic beauty looks in the book, but achieving a perfect red lip is actually one of the most asked beauty questions.

Whether you are going for deep crimson or classic pillar box red, finding the right red for your skin tone is something you need to perfect so you can be a true sultry siren.

We have put together our exclusive guide on finding the right red for you, as well as top tips on its application (no one likes red teeth…)

Fair Complexion

If you have a paler complexion, red really does look amazing so don’t shy away from it. You might think that because it’s so bright, you need to stay away, but the opposite couldn’t be more true.

Opt for reds with cool, blue undertones. The brightness adds vibrancy to paler skin and makes teeth appear whiter.

Our favourite choice? MAC’s classic Ruby Woo Lipstick is one of our favourites, and one which never lets us pale girls down.

Medium Complexion

Fiery oranges and coral-hued reds look beautiful on medium and olive skin tones. In contrast, stay away from cool undertones as these can actually wash you out.

Opt for a classic pillar box red with orange undertones to really bring out your complexion vibrancy.

We love the Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour in Sunset Orange as it has a stunning coral hue without looking too tangerine.

Dark Complexion

A darker red looks absolutely stunning on dark complexions as their earthy, neutral undertones help the skin to pop.

We love wine-hued shades on this skin tone, as they not only look simply beautiful, but their classic shades dress up any outfit day or night.

Try the Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Emotional, which makes the perfect oxblood shade.

How do I apply the perfect red lip?

To apply the perfect red lip, you definitely need to equip yourself with the right beauty tools. Think lip liner and lip brush without a doubt.

Prime the lips

Before even opening that lipstick bullet, make sure your lips are conditioned and soft otherwise the lipstick will look flaky and cracked.

We love the MAC Prep & Prime Lip, which helps to hydrate and soften without coating the lips in an oily finish.

Apply the lipstick

Leave your lips for about 5 minutes while the lip conditioner gets to work.

Then, apply your lipstick with a lip brush. The reason? It helps you to get a more accurate finish and not go outside the lines.

Start from the outside of your bottom lip and work outwards, then move up to your upper lip.

Line your lips

Yes, this may seem strange but bear with us. Applying your liner after your lipstick means you will get a natural lip line and it will tidy up the edges post application.

Try the MAC Lip Pencil, which has an amazing shade range and leaves lips looking perfect.



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