Which ghd Curve is right for you?

Which ghd Curve is right for you?

Here at Lookfantastic HQ we’ve noticed more and more curly haired beauties showing off their curls. Whether they be man-made or natural, ringlets or waves; curls are back and they are here to stay (with the help of some strong-hold styling spray). We love ghd for their styling tools but which curling tong will give you the look you want? Discover which ghd Curve is right for you with our guide.

What is a ghd Curve Tong?

All ghd Curve Tongs and Wands have been designed to give you gorgeous waves and curls based on the finish you want. Each one is unique in the look it gives you, meaning you can master your perfect curl.

Why we love the ghd Curve Range

The entire range of ghd curling wands feature innovative tri-zone technology. This enables your hair to be safely styled at a constant, correct temperature of 185 degrees, with heat passing evenly through the styler. So not only will your curls look great (heavenly even!) but your hair will thank you too. Merci ghd!

Other ghd Curve Features:

  • The Automated switch-off – You don’t need to fret about whether you remembered to switch them off before you run out the door!
  • The Cool tip – You can control your hair styling technique without losing a finger!
  • The Spring-activated lever – You can hold your curls in position for longer.
  • The Stand – You don’t have to try and balance it on the corner of your bedside table to avoid burning the carp

Which ghd Curve should I buy?

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    ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong

    Curve Classic Curls tong does exactly what it says on the tin; this tong will create classic curls on short or long hair. It has a medium-sized 26mm barrel to make sure your curls aren’t too tight or too open, so you can master that perfect curled look.

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    ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

    The ghd Curve Creative Curl Tong gives you free reign with your hair, allowing you to curl it in any direction you want! Whether you have long or short hair you can get close to the roots with the 23-28mm tapered barrel. This tong gives a natural curl look, perfect for boho styles.

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    ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand

    When Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby first landed on our screens, this 1920’s wave was incredibly popular with women all around the world. The ghd Curve Classic Wave tong is perfect for getting that glamorous, vintage look, creating uniform, soft and elegant waves.

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