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Why activated charcoal is set to be your 2019 skincare superstar

Why activated charcoal is set to be your 2019 skincare superstar
Team LF
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With party season out of the way, it's time to refocus our energies on deep cleansing our complexions and getting our skin glowing and healthy. Enter activated charcoal.

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal has an unrivalled ability to cleanse the skin thanks to its almost magnetic powers that bind to toxins and pull them from the pores.

Perfected for congested, oily and acneic complexions, it's a more gentle and natural ingredient to help eliminate toxins without reaching for harsh acids and scrubs.

8 of our favourite activated charcoal skincare products

GLAMGLOW Star Potion Charcoal Oil

This liquid charcoal treatment from GLAMGLOW works to purify, refine and clarify the complexion; perfect if you are suffering from excess oil production or blemishes.

It contains 2 different types of charcoal, which help to draw impurities out of the skin and clean out blocked pores. Additionally, turmeric, Vitamin C and salicylic acid are a brightening cocktail designed to add radiance and keep the skin smooth, clear and healthy.

KIKI Health Activated Charcoal Vegicaps

If you want to supplement your beauty routine, you will love KIKI Health's Activated Charcoal Vegicaps. Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, the capsules contain 100% pure activated charcoal to help reduce toxins in the body and excessive bloating.

Perfect for kicking off the New Year, the tablets are easy to add into your routine without too much fuss.

Sanctuary Spa Charcoal Detox Shower Burst

If you feel like the skin on your body is a little sluggish and tired, you will love Sanctuary Spa's Charcoal Detox Shower Burst.

The body wash contains a duo of charcoal and menthol, which help to cool and refresh the skin, all while eliminating impurities.

It has a beautiful floral scent of sandalwood, jasmine and patchouli and is free from parabens, so great for anyone with sensitive skin.

MAC Mineralize Charged Water Charcoal Spray

The multipurpose MAC Mineralize Charged Water Charcoal Spray can be used as a hydrating mist, detoxfiying toner or makeup setter to keep foundation in place.

Infused with purifying charcoal, the mist feels super lightweight on the skin and helps to keep the complexion clear and refreshed.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

One of the most cult face masks of all time, the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is specially formulated with activated charcoal and white China Clay to draw out impurities and toxins from the skin and leave it cleansed and healthy.

Even though the mask is clay-based, it doesn't feel drying on the skin and instead is fortified with nourishing extracts that help to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Perfect if your skin is feeling a little congested, this mask is the ultimate weapon against dullness and breakouts.

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar

Erno Laszlo's Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar is a skincare staple for anyone with oily or combination skin.

Free from common chemical nasties such as parabens, mineral oil and sulphates, the cleansing bar instead contains mineral-rich ingredients such as Dead Sea Mud, charcoal and grapeseed oil.

Acting like a magnet to toxins and impurities, the bar draws out dirt and oil to leave your skin feeling cleansed and balanced.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

If you're already a fan of the bestselling Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica, you will love the brand's Daily Superfoliant.

Made from a base of activated Binchotan charcoal and alpha-hydroxy acids, the powder helps to draw impurities out of the skin and reduce the amount of pollutant particles trapped in the pores.

Upon contact with water, the powder transforms into a lightweight and non-drying foam, and enriched with niacinamide, red algae and tea fruit extract helps to refine and smooth the complexion whilst protecting against environmental aggressors.

The Konjac Sponge Company Facial Puff with Bamboo Charcoal

The Konjac Sponge's Facial Puff with Bamboo Charcoal is perfect for anyone with acneic or oily skin thanks to its bacteria-fighting benefits.

The sponge itself is enriched with activated carbon, bamboo charcoal and various minerals to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and deep cleanse the skin to reduce blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores.

We love to use the sponge on cleansed skin as it will help it to last longer.

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