Winter Skincare: Day 19 – How To Perk Up Tired Eyes with Balance Me

Dark winter mornings and one-too-many festive cocktails can make mornings tough enough without your eyes looking puffy or feeling heavy. Luckily, Balance Me are on hand to share their tips for perking up tired eyes and leave you looking gorgeous!

Top 5 Tips to Beautiful Eyes with Balance Me

To help prevent the dreaded dark circles this Christmas, make sure you read top tips from the experts at Balance Me to stay looking your revitalised and refreshed self…even though you may not feel it!

  1. Massage is key

    Help flush away excess fluid by giving your eyes a mini-morning massage. This will instantly awaken your skin and encourage blood circulation. Using your ring finger, gently tap from the inner corner of the eye to the outside corner, following your eye socket, then from your temple down towards your ear. Repeat with an anti-aging eye cream for best results.

  2. Cucumber and Witch Hazel

    A dream duo found in the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream! Both ingredients work wonders on tired eyes.

    Witch Hazel is typically used to reduce bruising and will instantly brighten dark under-eye skin, whilst Cucumber contains Vitamin C and Caffeic Acid to help reduce any swelling. It will also soothe and refresh this delicate skin. Eyes look instantly more awake!

  3. Reduce Salt and Sugar

    During Christmas, it,s easy to eat too much salt or sugar without realising. While it’s important to indulge and enjoy the festivities, you should also remember that the foods you put into your body will have a big effect on your skin. Enjoy the delicious rich foods but keep it balanced too; maybe a nice Epsom salt bath to help flush out any festive toxins!

  4. Hydrate and Rehydrate

    If you know you are going to have a late night (or will be drinking alcohol), stay hydrated to keep any morning puffiness to a minimum.

    Try drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have – this way it keeps the hydration levels up and helps reduce the chance of a sore head or dull dehydrated skin the morning after!

    A secret weapon we like to keep up our sleeves for the party season is Milk Thistle – not only is it great to help detoxify your liver after a few tipples, but it’s great to aid digestion and also has anti-aging properties thanks to its high antioxidant levels!

  5. Get your Beauty Sleep

    It’s an obvious one, but making sure you get an average 7-8 hours sleep at night will prevent dark circles (notorious for making eyes look tired.) A good night’s rest has a multitude of health benefits too, it.s important to allow your body time to recuperate, especially at this time of year.



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