Beauty Advent Calendar | Day 6

Organic Goodness!

Open the sixth door to our Beauty Advent Calendar to reveal an Organic Secret!


As a pure and natural organic makeup brand which prides itself for being 100% vegan, halal and cruelty free; INIKA has made a mark in the cosmetic market as one of the best organic brands. With over 35 awards and used all across the world, the results truly speak for themselves. First established in 2006, INIKA is now a household name and is sold in over 25 countries. Adored by makeup artists and a common participant on the runways, it is now yours to try out in your Beauty Advent Calendar!

The INIKA range offers a full set of products to ensure you can achieve any look, as well as vegan brushes to compliment the beautiful foundations and powders. One of their core products is the INIKA Certified Organic Eyeliner which has been added into our Beauty Advent Calendar just for you!

INIKA Certified Organic Eyeliner

This beautifully hand crafted eyeliner is made with natural plant ingredients and mineral colour blends which make it suitable for even those with sensitive eyes. The texture is soft and creamy while the tip of the eyeliner is designed to glide; making it easy to use. The composition of the eyeliner allows it to last all day without smudging or running; so you can be sure that your eyes will look flawless throughout the festive season.

The eyeliners come in 8 different colours to give you a myriad of looks to try, and are designed to complement all skin tones and eye colours. Choose the gorgeous black caviar for an evening party or have fun with peacock blue and purple minx during the day!

How to Use:

12336429_10156390620455533_1924813142_nThe eyeliner can be used in a multiple of ways to create a variety of looks.

Use around the lower lashes and smudge the liner out lightly using the Vegan Angle Brush and drag it across towards the outer corners of your eyes; finishing your look with some mascara for a soft natural look.

You can use the same technique for the upper lashes for the evening to give you a more intense finish.

The eyeliners can also be used alongside the INIKA Mineral Eye Shadows by applying the liner and then using the Vegan Eyeshadow Brush to blend the two together.

Finish the look with some false eyelashes to give you the ultimate glamour look.

Other Products:

Make sure to check out their other gorgeous products which include mineral foundations, blushers and powders. They also make discovery and essential kit sets which include a range of products for you to try before you buy!

Let us know how you get on with your new eyeliner and share your look with us on twitter and Instagram @LookFantastic. Make sure to pre-order the 2016 Beauty Advent Calendar to get your hands on even more goodies! The Beauty Box subscription also makes a lovely present for Christmas; with gorgeous treats delivered to your door, it is guaranteed to ensure a smile each month! Happy Glaming!!




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