Brand Focus: Invati By Aveda

Hair thinning and loss are things many women suffer with, but they are subjects not always talked about. The process from recognising the problem, to finding a solution can be a tricky process. With so many products available on the hair care market, how do you know what is best to use?


Aveda has created Invati – a simple solution for brittle, weak and damaged hair that feels thinner and lack luster.

Invati is the new hair care system from Aveda, using the power of Densiplex it’s designed to reduce hair loss due to breakage and help the hair you have to look fuller and more vivacious.

The Invati system works in three stages:

The Invati Exfoliating Shampoo – removes build up that can clog your hair follicle, and renews the scalp.

Aveda Invati range

The Invati Thickening Conditioner – restores strength and improves hair elasticity, reducing breakages.

The Invati Scalp Revitalizer – helps energize and rehabilitate the scalp, best used daily.

The Invati 3 step programme is designed to be used everyday and has changed many women’s lives. See their hair stories at the bottom of this post.

 Denisplex is an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, 97% of which is naturally derived and includes the potent herb turmeric. Turmeric sometimes referred to as the ‘Spice of life’, is believed to be one of the world’s finest all-around herbs for health, beauty and well-being. Known as skin food in India, turmeric encourages a healthy glow and helps skin stay clear of blemishes.

The Ayurvedic principles are at the core of Aveda and their products and the Invati range encompasses this with the use of turmeric.

“Harnessing the power of Turmeric and fused with other Ayurvedic inspired herbs, Aveda created Invati. Sanskrit for invigorate, Invati is a three step hair care regime designed for guests experiencing signs of hair and scalp ageing, including thinning, loss of volume, lack of density, or a tighter, drier scalp.”

Here are some of the customers who have used Invati:



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