Eve Lom – Range Review

Eve Lom has fast become one of the world’s most coveted beauty brands, with the likes of VOGUE falling in love with their products it’s about time you tried them out and fell in love too.

Here is a selection of your favourite Eve Lom products that we recommend you try

Eve Lom Cleanser

Eve Lom Cleanser (200ml)

An acclaimed cleanser all around the world, the Eve Lom Cleanser provides you with a remarkable, multi-purpose product to add to your routine. Removing daily dirt and impurities while decongesting, exfoliating and toning your skin.

Clove oil’s antiseptic properties encourage clear skin, Eucalyptus oil helps drain away toxins and Hops oil works on toning your skin. Egyptian camomile oil and Cocoa butter penetrate your skin to leave it feeling soft and looking healthy again.


Eve Lom Hand Cream SPF 10

Eve Lom Hand Cream Spf10 (50ml)

If you’re conscious that your hands are showing their age then treat them like you would your face with an anti-aging and nourishing Hand Cream from Eve Lom. With an SPF 10 to provide essential protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, find a luxurious formula of Shea Butter, Salicyclic Acid and Kokum butter to smooth and brighten the skin.


Eve Lom Kiss Mix Lip Treatment

Eve Lom Kiss Mix Lip Treatment (7ml)

Give your sore, chapped lips some much needed TLC with the Kiss Mix Lip Treatment from Eve Lom. Moisturizing and protecting your lips from harmful UV rays and environmental damage.

Containing Zinc Oxide to comfort dry lips whilst acting as a natural sunscreen, with Menthol to cool and freshen your lips.


Eve Lom Day Cream

Eve Lom Day Cream (50ml)

Enrich and nourish your skin with the Eve Lom Day Cream, with a formula that intensely hydrates to leave your skin feeling soft, supple and protected from damaging free radicals.

Containing Vitamin E, Cocoa butter and avocado and sesame oils to keep skin’s moisture levels balanced and replenished.


Eve Lom Eye Cream

Eve Lom Eye Cream 20ml

If your eyes are looking for a lift and brightening then the Eve Lom Eye Cream provides you with a highly nourishing formula for more youthful looking eyes.

Using Sodium Hyalluronate to help improve hydration while age defying peptides help to firm and tone the delicate area around your eye.




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