Introducing Paula’s Choice


Today, we are very excited to launch an amazing brand on LookFantastic- Paula’s Choice! Having struggled with acne and skin problems herself as a teenager, Paula Begoun was put back by some of the ingredients in products she was being told to use. So she decided to research into skincare and what ingredients really work and would help to clear her skin. This is what led her to start her journey of education on skincare, before creating her own skin-care line in 1995.

She takes pride in using only proven ingredients which help make your skin look younger and radiant, while working against the aging process by reducing wrinkles, treating acne and helping sensitive skin. The education behind the products and skin still remains the core element of Paula’s Choice and this can be seen in her books as well as online. Her philosophy has been consistent in the last 20 years – products that you can feel confident about buying and using.


The Products

Non – Irritating : there are no added fragrances, dyes or ingredients which may harm the health and function of your skin; meaning they are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

Ethical : no animal testing – Paula’s Choice is part of the Leaping Bunny Program which means they only use ingredients which have not been tested on animals.

Some of the collections…

Paula’s Choice offers something for everyone with products which can be customised to your needs and skin type.

Dry – Very Dry

The brand offers two specific lines for this skin type: Skin Recovery and Moisture Boost, which includes nourishing cleansers, hydrating toners, moisturises, serums as well as exfoliators.

skinrecoverySome of our favourite products

Skin Recovery Enriched Calming Toner

This milky toner is full of skin-protecting antioxidants and restorative ingredients that help to eliminate dry, flaky skin while soothing redness and sensitivity; making it ideal for those who suffer from eczema and rosacea. The formula contains sodium hyaluronate to reduce flakiness, evening primrose and borage seed oil, which help to relieve dry skin, and the anti-oxidant rich formula helps to repair; leaving skin silk smooth.

Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask

This rich, moisturizing face mask combines plant oils and antioxidants in a creamy, emollient-based formula to calm redness, repair dryness and instantly restore radiance. For a really deep moisturising treatment you can leave a thin layer on overnight to wake up to velvety soft skin. Ingredients include the perfect blend of oils such as macadamia nut, apricot kernel, olive and primrose oil, which, along with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, make this mask the perfect treat for dry skin.

Moisture Boost One Step Face Cleanser

This is an effective and gentle cleanser which helps to take off makeup as well as the build-up of dirt and oils. The silky smooth lotion texture leaves your skin fresh, hydrated and plump, while the lightly lathering formula offers the benefits of a water-soluble cleanser. Perfect for normal to dry skin, it is also safe to use around the eyes.

Oily – Blemish Prone Skin

This skin type includes the Skin Balancing and the Clear Blemish Control collections which again, consist of refreshing cleansers, pore-reducing toners, antioxidant serums and an oil controlling moisture gel.

Some of our favourite products

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

This rapidly exfoliates the skin surface as well as clearing product build-up inside the pores; reshaping the pore lining and improving natural cell renewal of the skin cells. The result is a dramatic change in appearance, feel and function, which leads to healthier skin and a reduction in wrinkles. The BHA used is Salicylic Acid which is knows for it exfoliating ability and stimulating collagen production. Salicylic Acid also has antibacterial properties which helps to control blemish-causing bacteria to leave your skin clear, radiant and noticeably healthier.


Clear Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with Azelaic Acid

This treatment works instantly against persistent and stubborn acne by eliminating acne-causing bacteria to stop new or further development of blemishes. The formula is free from all harsh and irritating ingredients and helps to heal and reduce red marks as well. To be used after cleansing underneath your moisturiser.

The collection does not stop here and there really is something for all skin conditions and types backed up with real ingredients and science. If you would like more information about any of the Paula’s Choice products or want to know the best skincare regime for your skin then email me at or tweet me @LFpharmacist.




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