Join The Imedeen 90 Days Challenge

Everybody loves a challenge and what could be a better than one that ends with beautiful skin.  Yes it is actually true.  I am talking about the IMEDEEN 90 DAYS CHALLENGE.  It is really easy to follow and you have access to expert help throughout.



The Challenge!

You have to simply commit to supplementing your regular skincare routine with IMEDEEN for the next 90 days in order to reveal a younger looking you.

How to Take Part?

You need to sign up to the IMEDEEN BEAUTY CLUB on their website where you then receive a free skin consultation form to help monitor your skin and improvements.  You will also be given regular expert advice throughout the challenge to you well on track.


What to Expect?

scan results showing increased levels of collagen and elastinSkin appearance is affected by the quality of the dermis or the middle skin layer which is made up of collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements.  As we age, this layer starts to get compromised and loses its ability to sustain the firmness and tightness.  As the layer is further within the skin, a lot of the times creams and such topical preparations are unable to reach to reach its base.

This is where IMEDEEN skincare tablets are different.

IMEDEEN skincare tablets tackle exactly this struggle and as shown in the image they work beneath the surface to provide support to the skin to go back to that strong structure.  This as a result leads to visibly smoother, more beautiful skin.  This is not just based on claims but is actually supported by 1000s of women who have tried the tablets.  In 2013 alone, Beauty Club study showed that 92% of 1455 women saw a significant improvement in their skin with regular use of the tablets.

imedeen time perfection, prime renewal and derma one

Although you will visible results on your skin, IMEDEEN also offer complimentary skin scanning (dermascan) all across the UK which is used to compare skin structure before and after the 90 days.  This scans show the deep dermal layer and allow you to measure levels of collagen and elastin within your skin.

Join the challenge with us today and feel beautiful inside out!  If you have any further questions about the challenge or would like to know more about the brand then email me at or tweet me @LFpharmacist



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