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Here at Lookfantastic HQ we’ve spent some time hanging out with Mama Mio recently to learn all about what’s best for your skin during and after pregnancy. With the Duchess of Cambridge looking so brilliant just hours after giving birth, we wanted to know about any hidden skincare secrets, and we knew Mama Mio would have them!

Mama Mio


Q1: What does my skin need during pregnancy?

A1: To STRETCH! Strong elastic skin is your goal so you need to feed it inside and outside with elasticising actives, especially Omegas!


Q2: What ingredients should pregnant women avoid? 

A2: Mineral Oil – this is like crack for skin, it makes skin dependent and just coats it with greasy petroleum.


Q3: What exactly is a stretch mark?

A3: It is a tear deep within the skin caused by massive stretch. Your skin gives until it just cannot stretch any more and bingo!


Q4: Aren’t stretch marks hereditary – if so, should I even bother trying to prevent them?

A4: The elasticity level of skin is hereditary, yes. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put up a fight!


Q5: What do you recommend using post preganancy ?

A5: We recommend keeping up your omega regime for at least 4 months after baby to help your skin bounce back!


Q6: Why do our legs become swollen and achy during pregnancy? Can we prevent this?

A6: We have a 1/3 more blood in your circulation system when pregnant, this puts pressure on your veins + more water retention. use a cooling gel to help stimulate circulation and ease discomfort – ie our Lucky Legs


Q7: Would you say oils or creams are better for stretch marks?

A7: Personally, I love oils, because they are so pure, 100% moisture and your skin knows how to use them.


Q8: Any last words of advice for our lovely mums out there?

A8: Really nurture yourself, happy mama = happy baby!


If you have any of your own questions for Mama Mio make sure to pop them in the comments box below.

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