Live Chat with Brandon, the founder of DECIEM

To celebrate Lookfantastic’s 17th Birthday and the launch of a 3 for 2 across the incredible DECIEM range, we are hosting a live chat with the founder of the iconic beauty group, also known as ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’.

The Abnormal Beauty Company

We’re giving you the opportunity to take a closer look at some of our favourite and most successful brands such as Grow Gorgeous, NIOD, Fountain and Hand Chemistry – by asking their founder, Brandon, all you need and want to know. DECIEM understand that they aren’t ‘normal’, and their efficacy can be surprising sometimes, so take this opportunity to pick their brains and learn more about applying their products to your beauty needs!

Deciem Banner

Write your questions in the Facebook comments box below and Brandon will answer your questions at 12 noon today! Looking forward to hearing from you all!




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