Moroccanoil | Your Summertime Saviour

As much as we want to let our hair down in summer, the sun and sea can take its effect as well as all the hardships our hair goes through with the use of heat and styling.  Moroccanoil understands this and has made treatments which are enriched with Argan Oil which instantly absorbs and starts to work as soon as it is applied.  The hair is transformed within minutes from rough and frizzy to smooth manageable hair which shines throughout the day.


Moroccanoil Treatment is versatile and therefore can be used as a deep conditioner, styling gel and as a finishing tool.  The advance formulation works on its own and with other haircare products to completely transform and repair the hair.  The formula provides proteins for strength, fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for nourishment and shine as well antioxidants for protection.

We adore this product at LookFantastic and couldn’t be more excited to stock the Moroccanoil Home and Away Kits.  These Kits have been designed to make sure we never travel without Moroccanoil.  The duo consists of a full size (100ml) for home use and a travel size (25ml) for on the go to ensure we never go a day without gorgeous hair.

To make things better the kits also includes Moroccanoil Signature Scented Candle which helps you relax regardless of where you are.

moroccanoil home and away kit

The set also comes in Moroccanoil Treatment Light which is more targeted for fine and light-coloured hair so there really is something for everyone.  Simply apply a small amount in your palms and work throughout clean, damp hair from mid to ends and allow the hair to dry.  Your can also use the product on dry hair to tame flyaways.

If this amazing Home and Away Kit wasn’t enough on its own, you also get a FREE Moroccanoil Beach Bag when you spend £50 so make sure to get yours today!

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