Power up your skincare with Magnitone

If you’re looking for softer, brighter and more radiant skin in 7 days, but don’t have the tools to achieve this with, look no further than the Magnitone facial brushes here at Lookfantastic, which are quite literally taking the beauty world by storm. Each brush in the Magnitone range are powered by Active Electromagnetic Technology, which sends pulsed oscillations through the skin to naturally stimulate it, whilst deep-cleaning more gently and more effectively than you could have done with your bare hands!

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These amazingly deep-cleansing, exfoliating little gems are designed to be used with the Magnitone Pulsar, which oscillates at over 15,000 times per minute, working to gently sweep away dirt and naturally encourage impurities to lift out from deep within clogged pores. You’ll be left feeling like you’ve just had a mini facial, with noticeably smoother, clearer and firmer feeling skin – and you won’t have even had to leave the house. How good is that?!

Magnitone pulsar

How Active Electromagnetic Technology works:

Okay, we know ‘Active Electromagnetic Technology’ is a bit of a mouthful, but the process behind it really isn’t. Allow us to enlighten you on exactly how it works:

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An enhanced electromagnetic field creates rapid pulsations that stimulate the skin to open up your pores, whilst naturally expelling dirt and impurities which cause those pesky breakouts. The brushes boast fast-moving bristles which work to gently exfoliate skin, whisking away dryness and flaky skin, giving your complexion a new lease of life.

The now open pores literally suck in your post-cleanse moisturisers and creams, helping to keep skin hydrated, nutrient-rich and smooth, whilst the fast massage action of the cleansing technology stimulates blow flow to help create a firmer, smoother base for the application of even, flawless make-up.

The Result:

Using one of the unique Active Electromagnetic brushes for just 1 minute per day is totally hassle-free, and an effective way to refresh your skin and revolutionize your daily skincare regime.

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What do you think of the Magnitone range? Will you be trying the Magnitone Pulsar along with the brushes? Don’t forget, you can shop the Magnitone collection here at Lookfantastic, with free worldwide delivery and free UK next day delivery when you spend over £50.

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