THE Skincare Routine | Treat!

Treat your skin after cleansing to keep it hydrated and radiant!

Now that skin is cleansed, we can start to introduce the Treatments. This is the stage where it will differ for everyone depending on skin type and needs; you can explore all the different options to find the product best suited for you.

Face Masks:  Masks are a great way to deep condition your skin and provide essential hydration. As a mask sits on your skin for a longer period of time than a cleanser, nutrient and vitamin absorption are increased, helping to penetrate below the skin surface and provide moisture. With a wide of range of masks to target specific skin needs and concerns, you can even customise the treatment for different areas like I do with Caudalie Masks.  If you feel a certain area needs more help, such as blocked pores around your nose then you can use a mask on only that area.  Try to use once a week for maximum effect.

CBhOefQVAAAcVSaSerums:  One of my favourite steps!  Serums are a great addition to your daily skincare routine.  The consistency is much thinner than a mask as you leave it on the skin rather than rinsing off, and the particles used are smaller in size which means they can penetrate much deeper into the skin.  Again, these can be targeted to specific skin concerns and needs, such as anti-aging, acne prone skin, or dehydration, so choose one which is suitable for you. I have found that Vichy has some of the best serums on the market, so make sure to try them out!

Vichy Aqualia for dehydrated skin, Vichy Idealia for all skin types and Vichy Liftactiv for anti-aging.


Other Treatments: This includes any creams that are extremely specific and targeted for certain conditions such as skin brightening, acne control, and skin pigmentation etc.  These should be applied in order of their consistency from thinnest to the thickest.

Skin brightening and skin anti-pigmentation creams are used for clearing your complexion and making your skin more smooth.  This is often achieved by reducing the appearances of scars, marks and pigmentation. Creams containing  Hydroquinone are often used as anti-ageing products due to their ability to reduce visible signs of wrinkles and lines.  Make sure to apply these after exfoliation, and protect your skin with a high SPF sunscreen as your skin may be sensitive to UV rays which can actually cause the pigmentation in the first place.

Acne control medication is highly effective and works best after a cleansed face.   Make sure to read the labels and application directions, as some preparations contain ingredients which should only be applied to the problem area such as hydrogen peroxide, where as other products should be used on your full face such as the La Roche-Posay Effaclar K+.  Again, sun protection is essential with these due to increased cell sensitivity to UV light after usage.

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After these treatments you can now move onto the final stage: The Protection.




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