Top 3 ways to De-Stress

So we are well and truly in to January now, and while January can mean new starts and exciting plans – it can also mean mind-boggling pressure. Many of us will be juggling our new exercise routines, smoothie making and yearly forecasts at work – all while we’re trying to get back to a normal sleeping pattern after the Christmas, New Year festivities. So have a read of our top tips here at Lookfantastic HQ, de-stress, and make sure you’re a cool cucumber this weekend.


It’s that time of year where everyone and their grandma seem to be posting pictures of their trips to the gym and their new found, favourite kale, ginger and lime juice. And while this may get a tad irritating, when you’re sat at home feeling stressed or overwhelmed, exercise really can help. The proof really is, well…not in the pudding.

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If you’re feeling lethargic and a little unmotivated, try taking a look at our selection of Myprotein or Myvitamins health supplements, to ensure you’re feeling 100% ready to take on the gym bunnies and tackle the punch bag.

Have a nice, long bath

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Close your laptop, turn your phone off, light your favourite candle and climb in to a warm, bubbly bath. If you’re worried you may just lie there running through the days events, then play your favourite playlist or take a book with you, so you’re mind can’t run wild. Add a drop of a beautifully relaxing Kiss the Moon bath oil, to help settle any anxiety and drift in to ultimate feeling of serenity.


The amount of sleep that is needed differs for every individual. However, when you’re stressed, busy or under a lot of pressure you may need more, quality, down time.

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If you’re struggling to get to sleep during the week, then try cutting back on coffee or tea as it can add to your anxiety. Have a hot mug of chamomile tea, and wash your face with warm water. Blend in a little sleep balm from This Works in to your warm skin and spray your pillow with this relaxing pillow spray. Formulated with natural oils and relaxing vibes, This Works can help you drift away from your worries, if only for a few hours.

Share any de-stressing tips you have in the comments box below, we’d love to hear how your handling the January madness! 



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