Viviscal Hair Growth Product Range: Cleanse and Condition

Viviscal is a relatively new brand to the UK and Brand new to, It brings new hope for those of us who are not blessed with full heads of hair, or thick long locks. Those of us who don’t always eat right, not having time for our 5 a day, and those who don’t get the vitamins and nutrients we need to give us the best hair, skin and nails possible.

Viviscal has created an amazing hair growth system including the food supplements mentioned in my earlier blog, which give your body the nutrients and protein your hair needs for maximum growth. Not only do they have these fabulous supplements but they also do a shampoo and conditioner collection that promotes healthy hair growth and nourish the scalp ensuring the hair is in the best condition to reach maximum growth.

The Gentle Shampoo is free of SLES/SLS (Sodium laurel ether sulfate) for gentle effective cleansing, and with less lather it doesn’t affect the hair’s cell renewal process. It also contains no parabens, so won’t weigh down the hair or coat it with unwanted chemicals.


The shampoo is great for cleansing the scalp, the Multifruit Extract gently exfoliates to remove dead skins cells from the scalp, promoting fresh hair to grow. The Viviscal gentle shampoo is great for all hair types including dry, thin, damaged and colour treated hair.

The mineral oils and 99% natural ingredients create a fresh and vibrant fragrance, with hints of eucalyptus and menthol. A pleasant smelling shampoo that you know is doing everything it can to promote healthy hair growth. 

The Viviscal Moisturising conditioner has been formulated to condition the hair and help create the optimum environment for healthy hair growth. The formula in the conditioner provides deep moisturising, for both the hair and scalp without the feel of a heavy conditioner weighing down the hair.

This soft conditioner has Argan and Hazelnut oils to nourish and condition the scalp and the Creatine helps improve smoothness and volume of fine and thin hair. Again it is free from Parabens and SLS and has a refreshing fragrance with hints of lavender and eucalyptus.

Both shampoo and conditioner from the Viviscal range work in harmony with the food supplements to provide you with nourished, well looked after shiny hair, that is full of body and totally cleansed.




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