Why choose the ghd aura?

We really are well and truly in the middle of winter now, and if there’s one thing you can’t live without during these winter months, it’s a hair dyer. It’s your best friend after cold, rainy walks in the woods, and a life saver when you need to warm yourself (and your room) up after a morning shower. The trouble is, there are so many different brands and models out there and you need to make sure you choose one – that not only styles your hair right, but also keeps your hair safe from any damage!

With the ghd aura‘s combination of Laminair technology and Cool-Wall technology, you can guarantee beautifully styled hair – even if your body is fighting the winter winds every step of the way!

So, take a minute to have a read about the innovation behind this hair dryer, and watch our ‘how to’ videos, so you can discover how to look fabulous and glamourous with the fabulous, ghd aura!

ghd aura : Innovation and styling at its finest

So what exactly is Laminair technology? 

laminair air flow

This unique, ghd technology concentrates the heat from the hair dryer, so you get 65% more concentrated airflow, and don’t have to spend as much time, or effort drying your hair – which is great when you’re drying it three times a day during the winter months! This non-turbulent technology also creates a beautifully smooth, silky and shiny finish! Win-win-win!

And…what is Cool-Wall technology?

When you’re blasting your hair on a freezing cold morning, you want it to dry quickly, without burning your scalp or ruining your ends. Cool-Wall technology cools the cavity walls of the dryer’s nozzle, so you can hold your hairdryer close to your scalp and style your hair from only centimeters away, without burning your head, hair or your hands! This also allows you to get closer to the scalp and roots for amazing root lift and volume.

As an added bonus, the ghd aura motor is 60% quieter than the average dryer and uses 17% less energy – so not only will your housemates sleep quietly while you style away, they’ll be thankful when the electricity bill comes in too!

Discover how to get the look using the ghd Aura

Add volume to your hair


Get sleek, straight hair


If you’re having trouble styling your hair on these blustery, winter days then you can pick up an innovative ghd aura here, available with free delivery worldwide!

Let us know in the comments box below if you’ve tried this magical dryer, and make sure to share any pictures or videos with us on facebook, instragram or twitter by tagging @lookfantastic. 



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