World Smile Day! Be Happy with Deciem!


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It’s World Smile Day today! Here at Look Fantastic, we are celebrating with Deciem and their Happy Molecule!

Audrey Hepburn once said, ‘Happiest girls are the prettiest’, and here at Look Fantastic we couldn’t agree more! When you smile, you radiate with health, happiness and joy; lifting the moods of others around you! With the stresses of today, World Smile Day is a wonderful excuse to smile a little more and be a little happier!

The Fountain Happy Molecule is a concentrated beauty and lifestyle supplement designed to lift your mood and improve your overall wellbeing! The formulation helps to counteract the effects of both chronic and short-term stress and increase your happiness levels. Unlike creams designed to combat dry skin, and serums to target signs of ageing, supplements work internally to radiate from the inside out. By penetrating below skin deep, the Happy Molecule helps to deliver nutrients into skin cells and aid your health and happiness.

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Gaba Carrot Complex

Each two teaspoon serving in the Happy Molecule contains 200mg of solubilised GABA which allows it to instantly release once it gets into the body. GABA helps to reduce anxiety and stress in the body’s nervous system, contributing to brain development and having a positive and calming effect on our overall mood. As such, it is an integral part of the body in regulating our health and wellbeing for normal functioning of the human body and brain Our busy and demanding lifestyles can mean that our overall stress levels are increased from day-to-day. Just two teaspoons a day of theHappy Molecule will leave you feeling full of vitality in no time!


Curcurmin is the main active ingredient in turmeric (a powerful anti-inflammatory spice.) The Happy Molecule contains the first ever water-solubilised curcumin for immediate release into the body! A powerful anti-oxidant, curcurmin can also help to improve your overall brain function. The formulation has been proven to boost BNDF levels (also known as brain derived neurotrophic factor), which in turn helps to combat depression, which is linked to low BNDF levels. As a result of its BNDF boosting properties, curcurmin can potentially reverse the effects of low moods and depression, helping you to get your smile back!

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid helps to regulate the moisture within your tissue cells and preserve their hydration levels. As a result, cells are able to function properly and deliver the nutrients needed to ensure your vitamin and mineral levels are at their best, giving you your healthiest body! And everyone knows that when we feel our healthiest, we feel our happiest! If our cells work properly, the rest of our body can function normally, leading to improved overall health, wellbeing and happiness!

The Happy Molecule is free from both artificial colours and flavours, and is suitable for both men and women.

To celebrate National Smile Day, the Happy Molecule is now half price at Look Fantastic! Click here to purchase, and here to see the wonderful other supplements in the range!
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