Day 7 Advent Reveal: James Read H20 Illuminating Tan Mist

Day 7 Advent Reveal: James Read H20 Illuminating Tan Mist

When it comes to perfecting that winter glow, no one does it better than James Read. As the leading tanning brand of choice for celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, you can now discover why the brand is so loved as it’s behind door number 7 in your Beauty in Wonderland Advent Calendar.

Winter skin can be hard to tan. You’re not only not getting any sunlight on your skin, it’s also super cold and drying, which leads to dehydration and skin fatigue.

Applying fake tan can sometimes look too harsh when the skin’s base colour is so pale, which is where the James Read H20 Illuminating Tan Mist comes in.

The product itself is encapsulated in water, which when spritzed onto the skin helps to hydrate and keep it moisturised throughout.Enriched with a blend of organic botanicals, it leaves the skin with a light golden glow that radiates with health. Discover more about why we love the product below…

Unlock the Secret to Golden Skin this Christmas

This naturally hydrating illuminating mist is perfect for the colder months.

Uniquely blended with botanical extracts, the mist not only helps to give a beautiful golden luminosity to the skin, but unlike fake tan, is enriched with water and hydrating ingredients to prevent dehydration and cracking.

  • Organic Rosewater – Naturally soothing and calming, this botanical essence helps to protect the skin against flaking and cracking; keeping your tan looking flawless for longer.
  • Light Reflecting Particles – These help to give a lovely sheen to the skin, which you just don’t get with a standard fake tan. The result is skin which looks naturally bronzed and luminous rather than fake.
  • Tantone Technology – Exclusive to James Read, this technology works by tailoring the tanning result to your natural skin tone so you never look orange; perfect for winter!

How to use the James Read H20 Illuminating Tan Mist

  1. Exfoliate prior as this will help the colour to go on more smoothly and not look cracked.
  2. Shake the bottle to activate the shimmering particles.
  3. Spray onto sections of the body, and let sink in. You can massage in if you feel like you have over-sprayed in certain areas.
  4. Let it dry and then dress as normal – just don’t wear anything pale!



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