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Beauty Discoveries: T is for T3 Whirl Convertible

Beauty Discoveries: T is for T3 Whirl Convertible
Team LF
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Everyone wants gorgeous party hair for the New Year, and the easy to use Whirl Convertible styling tool from T3 makes curling your locks super fast.

This product is one of our Beauty Discoveries thanks to its ability to create different curls with a range of attachments (and its rose gold colouring!).

What makes the T3 Whirl Convertible Special?

This styling tool is perfect for creating tousled waves and loose curls that look relaxed and a little bohemian. You can create tighter curls if you want to with the wand, but for a Christmas party look it's lovely to go for a more relaxed style that will stay looking flawless all night long.

The unique Tourmaline and Ceramic barrel, along with its tapered design helps to seal the cuticle straight after styling it, helping it to hold onto essential moisture and reduce damage to the hair, so you minimise the chance of breakage.

How to create Perfect Curls with the  T3 Whirl

  1. Begin with dry hair. Before curling your hair, you must ensure that your hair is clean and dry for the styler to work its best!
  2. Divide your hair into your preferred parting.
  3. Brush out any knots from your hair so it can be wrapped around the styling wand easily.
  4. Section the top of your hair out of the way so can easily get curling.
  5. Holding the Whirl Convertible horizontally, wrap the hair around the base of the barrel away from the face.
  6. Continue until all of your hair is fully curled.
  7. Let the hair cool down and then brush through the curls to make them look a little looser and wavier.
  8. For a final finish, smooth the curls out by brushing your hair.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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