Discover ELEMIS Biotec

The ELEMIS Biotec Collection is a system designed to invigorate the skin and increase cell energy. This helps to improve the condition, health and vitality of the skin, while adding radiance and luminosity to the complexion. ELEMIS have even described the launch as one of the biggest since they released the Pro-Collagen Collection in 2003.

The Science Behind ELEMIS Biotec

The science behind the products is what makes the Biotec range extremely exciting. Designed using unique and patented technology, each product in the collection has been formulated to deliver outstanding skincare results. 

Lifestyle changes such as poor diet, stress, menopause and even lack of sleep can cause our natural skin function to decrease. Ageing is another factor which greatly affects the health of our skin cells. This depletion in our cell energy results in visible skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections. Your complexion can also appear dull and uneven. The ELEMIS Biotec range has been designed to combat this reduction in cell energy. It works by provoking a mineral charge to produce healthy and glowing skin.

Discover the Technology

ELEMIS Biotec Technology is made up of a powerful elixir of ingredients including Zinc, Copper, Amber and a trio of Acids. Together, these work in synergy to increase cell energy and help skin maintain its natural health.

  • Zinc –  This mineral is essential for healing skin inflammations and rejuvenating damaged tissue. This means that it is vital in the production of new cells and the healthy function of cell membranes.
  • Copper – Like Zinc, Copper is essential in skin regeneration. It helps to produce collagen and keep the skin firm and taut. When combined together, Zinc and Copper become a powerful duo which keeps skin healthy and energised.

The Biotec Skincare System

The skincare collection consists of a trio of products including a cleanser, day cream and night cream.

  • Skin Energising Cleanser – This is what kick-starts the entire skincare system! The electrolyte solution is formulated with a trio of acids that help to freshen and recharge the complexion. Its deep cleansing formula also removes impurities, oil and dirt to leave skin clear and balanced.
  • Skin Energising Day Cream – Zinc and Copper are the 2 hero ingredients in this unique moisturiser. The unique BIO-ENERGY Complex helps increase cell energy and maintain skin health and function.
  • Skin Energising Night Cream – This is the most potent of the formulations, as skin heals itself when we sleep. Enriched with the same BIO-ENERGY Complex as the Day Cream, it also contains Calcium PCA to help nourish the skin. As the threat of water-loss is reduced, skin maintains its natural hydration levels and stays healthy.

ELEMIS also have a great range of bodycare that we absolutely love!



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