Beauty in the Spotlight: ghd IV Styler

Beauty in the Spotlight: ghd IV Styler

All week leading up to Black Friday, we’re shining a light on the best beauty products around with our Beauty Blackout campaign. Today it is the turn of the ghd IV Stylers, maybe the best-loved hair straightener ever made.

The Cult Classic: ghd IV Styler

Since their launch in 2000, ghd have dominated the hair styling market. They’re in pretty much every hair salon across the country and there was a time where almost every young woman owned a pair.  If you didn’t then it was definitely on your wish list!

This is the brand known for gorgeous results and high quality performance; it isn’t for nothing that ghd stands for ‘good hair day‘.

Since their first launch, ghd have been refining and updating their stylers with the latest technology, offering you amazing styling options; it isn’t all just about straightening any more. The curved edges work perfectly for curling, waving and styling your hair anyway you like.

It means that ghd have moved on from the noughties fashion for poker straight hair and created a product that works as an everyday styling essential, whatever the trend.

The IV Styler is one of their most in-demand models, thanks to the great price point and ghd quality.

The ceramic plates help to smooth your hair and heat up quickly. With a swivel cord, it is easy to manipulate and, most helpfully, it also has an automatic switch off after 30 minutes; no more early morning mistakes!

All packaged in slick black, it is no surprise that ghd are always at the top of our shopping list.

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