Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless has taken the beauty industry by storm and we are so excited to announce it’s launch here at Lookfantastic! Read on to discover all about this new wonder product and why it will be your skin’s new best friend!

What does Instantly Ageless do?

In just two minutes, Instantly Ageless immediately makes your eyes appear more youthful, bright and awake. Containing an innovative ingredient called Argireline, the formula instantly reduces puffiness, fine lines and creases and replaces them with smooth, toned and lifted skin.

What is Argireline? A peptide which helps the skin in the production of collagen; helping to keep it tight, firm and toned. It works in a similar way to Botox, with no needles!

Instantly Ageless can be used to target specific skin concerns where you are suffering with swelling, wrinkles and lines, to dramatically reduce the symptoms almost instantaneously… perfect!

How do you use Instantly Ageless?

Less is definitely more here! Each capsule is designed to last for a few applications so apply a small amount of first and build-up if you need to.

Dab small amounts over your problem area and then hold your face as still as possible for 2-3 minutes for instant effects. Make Up can be applied straight after so this is the perfect product for party prep! For the best application, Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless is designed to work on multiple problem areas on the face and each area has a special application technique:

Forehead lines and wrinkles

If you suffer from creases across your forehead, use the cream to dab across the entire forehead and not just where you see wrinkles. This will give you exceptional and quick results.


Apply the Instantly Ageless Beauty Cream just above your natural eyebrow line for maximum effect and immediate lift.

Hooded eyes

If you do suffer from hooded eyes, then apply the cream to just below your natural eyebrow just in case of any irritation in this delicate area.

Under-eye puffiness

If you have swelling under your eyes and suffer from large bags (it is very easy after Christmas when we have all been busy and stressed!), then lightly dab the cream under the entire under-eye are all the way from the inner to outer corners.

Crow’s Feet

Make sure to apply the cream to the entire area; concentrating on the lines and wrinkles on the outer corner of your eye.