Label.m Diamond Dust Collection

Label.m Diamond Dust Collection

While the celebrities will be out in force to celebrate the 58th Grammy Awards this evening, we will be enjoying a quiet night in and pampering ourselves! Label.m has just made our evenings a lot more pleasurable with the launch of their new Diamond Dust collection. What better way to celebrate the Grammy Awards than with diamonds?

About the Diamond Dust Collection

The Diamond Dust collection contains an exclusive shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. The whole Diamond Dust Collection is infused with rare White and Black Diamonds’ ethically-sourced from Belgium. The result? Beautifully soft, shiny and cleansed hair with a luxurious feel.

The diamonds in the formulation go through a process called Micronization which crushes them into small dust-like particles. The tiny size helps them get into the hair-shaft more easily, ensuring gorgeous, glossy hair and shimmering skin.

The collection is totally free from Parabens, Sulphates, Sodium Chloride and Ceramides, which means it helps protect your hair. The hair products also provide UV protection for your hair. So, you can be confident that your hair will stay looking beautiful.

The Diamond Dust Range

  1. Diamond Dust Shampoo

    Along with White and Black Diamonds, this shampoo contains a blend of Champagne, Pearls and White-Rose Petal. These luxurious ingredients aren’t just for show though. They all work together to cleanse the hair and scalp, remove any toxins and product build-up so your hair is left in incredible condition.
    The ingredients all help to nourish each individual hair fibres and seal the cuticle; protecting against environmental and heat damage from styling tools. The diamonds which are infused into the formula work to illuminate your hair and add radiance. Due to their light-reflecting properties, they impart incredible shine into the hair to transform it from dull to dazzling!

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  2. Diamond Dust Conditioner

    The Pearls in this conditioner give incredible radiance and lustre to hair, while the lightweight oils from the White-Rose Petals provide intense nourishment and hydration; relieving any areas of dryness and damage. As hair becomes stronger, healthier and more protected, it regains its natural shine, volume and bounce.
    The incredible results mean that you only need a small amount of this conditioner. Just use a small amount on the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair and comb it through for soft, silky hair when you step out the shower!

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  3. Diamond Dust Body Lotion

    This body lotion is incredibly beautiful and glossy! The diamond dust particles deliver incredible shine and radiance to the skin, whilst the White-Rose Petals keep skin moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. It leaves skin with the silky texture we all crave. This is the perfect touch of glamour for a night out, keeping your skin looking radiant all night long

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