The Bumble And Bumble Color Minded Range for Colour Treated hair

The Bumble And Bumble Color Minded Range for Colour Treated hair

I have always enjoyed colouring my hair, however one of the most difficult things about having coloured hair is keeping the new colour glossy and looking great! No matter the products I have tried in the past, they have always struggled to retain the vibrancy. I turned to the Bumble and Bumble Color Minded collection to see if it could make a difference to my hair.

Bumble and Bumble is a brand I love to use for styling, so I just had to try the Color Minded collection to see how it helped fight back fading and lock in my colour.  I used the Color Minded  Shampoo and conditioner for two weeks to see how it would make a different to my hair, and I have to say, that I absolutely loved it!

Review Of The Bumble And Bumble Color Range


During the two week testing period I did feel that my colour  stayed stronger for longer and my roots did not appear  as quickly, as I am used to. With having naturally lighter hair I always see these signs first, so this was a big plus from the collection. The shampoo was gentle enough to clean my hair but soft enough to not strip the vibrancy of my colour.

Sulfate Free

Both products are Sulfate free, which means that they are less abrasive on the hair; reducing the colour being washed away when cleaning. It does however reduce the lather while washing, which can be a nuisance, but the shampoo still left my hair feeling clean and fresh all the same.


After using both the shampoo and conditioner I saw a real change in the shine of my hair. After the first week I actually used the conditioner as a mask, which really increased the luminosity of my hair! I would recommend trying this out if you hair looks slightly dull or dry.

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    Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Shampoo

    Packed full of ingredients such as two-polymer technology, which works to repair damaged cuticles and seal the hair to prevent color washout and fading, the shampoo was a real hit for me! It’s great to use to repair the damage after the colouring process, which on my hair can be severe and damaging, so this was a welcome treat!

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    Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Conditioner

    The conditioner is the perfect addition to the range, giving your hair the added moisture it needs. Designed specifically to treat dry/processed hair, it helps seal in colour and lock in the shine. I loved using this, and it left my hair feeling very soft without being weighed down.

    For a deeper treatment the conditioner can be used an as mask and left in for 10 minutes, which I love doing!

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