Flower Manicure with Ciaté

Flower Manicure with Ciaté

Springtime is all about Flower Power and we have a must-try nail tutorial from Ciaté. All you need is the Ciaté Flower Manicure Bada-a-Bloom Kit, and this tutorial. With appliqué flowers, this is the easy way to get a stunning manicure for Springtime. You don’t need to be a professional nail technician to achieve salon quality nails!

How to do a Flower Manicure with the Ciaté Bada-a-Bloom Kit

Step 1

For a pretty pastel base, the Kit contains a gorgeous pale blue nail varnish. To get a gorgeous even colour, apply two thin coats, letting the first coat dry before applying the second.

Step 2

Then you are ready to start applying the flowers! Do each nail one by one. First apply a layer of Speed Coat Pro Topcoat. Then pick your chosen flower using the tweezers provided and apply directly on to the wet nail. Don’t worry if the flowers go over the edge of the nail.

Step 3

Apply another layer of topcoat over the top of the flowers and leave to dry. Then, to tidy up, just buff away any excess flower from the nail edges with the emery board.

If you still aren’t quite sure, don’t worry! Just watch the video and get ready for gorgeous nails in a moment.



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