Loosen your Curls with Aveda

Loosen your Curls with Aveda

Aveda are all about making your hair look naturally gorgeous. If you have tightly curled hair, it can be hard to change things up and get a different look without straighteners. But this tutorial from Aveda shows you how to naturally relax and loosen your curls into gorgeous waves with the minimum heat and effort.

Loosen your Curls with Aveda


Prep your hair

Apply the Be Curly Style Prep to towel-dried hair to help hydrate the hair fibers and tame any frizzy ends. Then use Be Curly Curl Controller to run through your hair; using your fingers to comb it through. Let your hair dry until it is nearly dry to the touch (either naturally or with a hair dryer).


Do the Twist

Part your hair down the centre, and then divide your hair into 2 sections. Then you just need to twist and wrap each section into a bun and secure with a clip.


Set the curl

Using a diffuser on your blow dryer, direct the heat over the twisted buns until the hair is totally dry. Be sure to check that the hair is totally dry. For best results, let the hair cool down before you take out the buns, so that the curl sets.


Finish the look

Gently unfurl the twists with your fingers to gently separate the waves. Then just finish with the Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to smooth any stray hairs and add shine.

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