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Discover the potential of dead sea minerals in skincare with AHAVA

Famed for its dead sea mineral skincare collections, AHAVA is a luxury skincare brand. Through its patented high concentration Dead Sea minerals, AHAVA has been able to innovate and create products designed to bring out your inner glow.

More than three decades of research, innovation and expertise have contributed to AHAVA's ability to create high-quality skincare solutions, favouring natural minerals above harsh chemicals.

Abiding by the ethos of "deeper than beauty", AHAVA's range of mineral skincare goes beyond appearance, working to create truly healthy skin. In addition to its vast range of skincare, AHAVA offers a selection of bath and body products, also using its patented dead sea minerals.

To provide an almost spa-like experience from your own home, AHAVA skincare and bath products are available in a range of luxury scents: fragrances like spring blossom evoke a sense of freshness, while cactus and pink pepper leave skin feeling invigorated.

AHAVA also provides a range of dead sea mineral skincare for men, including SPF, aftershave and shaving products, and magnesium-rich, roll-on deodorant. Catering to a variety of needs, AHAVA's collections span a range of goals from anti-ageing skincare to hydrating moisturisers and more.

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