Anastasia Beverly Hills Brows

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Anastasia Beverly Hills has spent years being queen of the brows. Whether it’s a big, bold, and bushy brow, a softer brow or a structured brow created with pencil, pomade or powder, you can find everything you need in this treasure trove of a brand.

With her many years of expertise as a makeup artist, founder Anastasia Soare started her namesake Anastasia Beverly Hills brand in the form of her flagship salon in 1997. Just three years later in 2000 – and with her patented Golden Ratio technology for shaping the perfect brow – she created her first product. Fast forward 14 years or so, and it’s this technology that has revolutionised the world of brows with a whole line of products that are loved by millions.

Anastasia's brow claim to fame started with defined brows created from the Dipbrow pomade and gel combination which was loved by makeup artists and beauty influencers alike. The brand stays in touch with the trends and has hopped on board with bushy brows by launching the Brow Freeze, cementing brows in position all day long.

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