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Let your skin fall in love with the benefits of minerals from bareMinerals. With a celebrity world beckoning for naturally derived beauty miracles, bareMinerals uses minerals as the fundamental ingredients to answer your prayers. Delivering one of a kind blends unheard of by other beauty brands, bareMinerals Eyes provides you with vital sun protecting power, glistening pigments and cell-renewing benefits to give you flawless and eye-catching results.
For years bareMinerals have studied the power of minerals on skin, working in nourishment, energy and vitality to offer 24 hour care and protection.
How to use our bareMinerals Eyes collections
The key to any successfully flawless make-up application is choosing the right Primer. This keeps the colour vibrant, smudge free and in the right place for longer. The bareMinerals Prime Time allows you to choose the right shade for your colour palette. Working from Bronzed Twig and Gunmetal to enhance metallic eye shadows and liners, through to Racing Green, Sundance, Urban Natural and Chrome Violet to ensure that colour is eye-catching, vibrant and flirty. Combating creasing and colour fading whilst using natural formulas and nourishing vitamins to work perfectly with sensitive eyes. Whether worn with a colour on top or used solo, these bareMinerals Primers are definite make-up bag essentials.
Create smokey eyes, vibrant sweeps of colour or natural shimmers with the bareMinerals Eye Colour ranges. Choosing your favourite from Glimmer, Glimpse and Velvet collections to pull off unique looks every time. After applying your chose Primer, glide a touch of Glimmer to your lids, for full impact, high shine results. Worn dry for a translucent dusting of your lids, letting eyes enter the spotlight. Worn wet for an opaque and truly mesmerizing wash of bold shimmer, perfect for those girly nights on the town. Glimpse brings you earthy hues to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. Taking inspiration from the world around us, these shades whisper colour over your lids for a light, translucent day look. To add some extra oomph to your style, use wet to give you opaque and dramatic results, providing you with a unique twist for on trend glamour. To really vamp up your beauty regime, use the Velvet range. Using strong pigmentation to bring you eye-catching opaque finishes. From innocence to true gothic glam, this range suits all styles, with the angelic lilac hue of Princess to the truly stunning dark shades of Skyline, you?ll be able to mix up your look for any occasion. Reinvent your style every day.
Whether worn with an eye shadow or on its own, the bareMinerals Eyeliner Shadows provide stunning precision with a creamy texture perfect for blending. Whether you?re smudging it up like Kate Moss for a vamped up twist on a classic look or keeping it sleek and simple like Adele, with every application of the Eyeliner Shadows you?ll be providing your skin with essential nutrients to ensure eyes remain youthful and healthy. Choose from the Round The Clock Eyeliner range for quick and effortless sweeps, or craft and create your style by blending and smudging with the Eyeliner Shadows.
Finish off your look with a good lashing of bareMinerals Mascara. Injecting dramatic and sultry depth into your beauty regime, the Mascara range provides you with a choice of long ad fabulous lashes or the option of layering on the mystery with volumising properties. Opening your eyes up to the world, you?ll achieve that false lash effect with a few glides. Infused with an essential blend of minerals, antioxidants and natural extracts to truly fortify drama. Causing a scene with Curl & Lengthen Mascara , instantly widening and enhancing the natural shape of your eye whilst extending your lashes for the false effect. Flawless Definition Volumising Mascara instantly adds va va voom to your look, enhancing the darkness of your lashes whilst adding real depth and mystery, perfect for girls on the go who love their lashes big and beautiful. Or choose the Big Tease Mascara, the ultimate for those wanting to add stunning definition to your lashes without the use of false lash application. Giving you flirtatious and feminine results to bring out the minx in you.
A favourite of Glamour magazine, bareMinerals provides the modern woman with a natural and genuinely skin benefiting product line. Also seen in Look, Vogue, Company and Marie Claire, you know you?re in good company when using bareMinerals.

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